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The aged one participated in all periods of training of the life of a social organization, where the established rules had been daily pay aiming at a combined coercion and reciprocity in changeable degrees. The mature age, keeps out of society for imposing physical limitations and certain restrictions, the way that many friction the third […]


First we must consider that the light within the water is different that in the surface for that reason when we take a photo we do not have to be upon the objective (element to which we are going to him to take the photo) and that the light must give in him. Clearly also […]

Autism and Inclusive Education

The inclusion of autism carriers is an innovation, whose movement has aspect very controversial in the educational and social ways, however, to insert autistas pupils of any degree, in regular education, is to guarantee the right of all to the education. The effort of psicopedagogo is concentrated in the direction to improve the adaptation of […]

Intercultural Mediation

Broadly speaking, we speak of mediation when communication between two parties can not be carried out without the bridge of a third person who, with his speech, helps the parties involved in a conflict to seek alternatives and solutions to the same. Mediation is thus to: a modality of intervention by neutral third parties between […]