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City Side

She lives currently in the Quarter of the airport with family. She identifies yourself as male man/and if she relates afectiva and with identified people sexually as women. She is dressed with considered clothes masculine and becomes related afectiva and with people sexually only identified as women. Classroom concluded 12 and is dismissed. I still […]

The Coffer

I made a research on the dimensions of the coffer and see the result: the complete measure of the coffer; 150 meters of length, 25 meters of width and 15 meters of height. God ordered to make the coffer with 3 floors, each floor divided in compartments. Then, he gave the total of 56.000 cubical […]

Diet Pills

The diet pills are taken by the ingestion from them to lower of weight. They work as a suppresor of the appetite and increase the metabolism of his body. The pill consumption for the diet will help to the person with overweight to reach its objective of loss of weight. The ideal would be to […]