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Business Women And Life Insurance

Once upon a time in Russia was a reliable system for their own insurance, but after its submission to the State This system could not resist. I'm talking about the Soviet , which collapsed with the Soviet Union. And why? State insurance was not Self-and there was no other like him. A lack of competition […]


Hundreds of millions of people fight in the poverty, private of a quality of tolerable life. To each year, millions of people die of malnutrition and illnesses that can be prevented. This situation is not only unjust, it threat the peace and the stability of many countries and of world. If as many people suffer […]

Thomas Schneider

The rate is on injuries or fractures of the ankle joint snowboarders even almost 4 times higher than in the Alpine skiers. Every winter, the snowboarders pull back into the mountains. In rapid descents and adventurous leaps, the mostly male snowboarders of gravity seem to defy. But the fun snowboarding has its price: the rate […]

Ear Pressure Can Come From Too Much Stress

More often, you have pressure in your ears? If so less stress can be the solution. Ear pressure stress might trigger not always must have a physical cause or caused by a cause coming from outside ear pressure such as for example when flying or heights. In many people, stress the trigger is. Not always […]


The Brazilian Council of psychoanalysis (INNG) and its regional make fair honored the three schools of education pioneers in psychoanalysis in the State of Sao Paulo, the Brazilian Council of psychoanalysis (INNG) and its regional fair honored the three schools of education will be pioneers in psychoanalysis in the State of Sao Paulo, which no […]

Obesity Causes

The causes that produce obesity or overweight are many and varied, from genetic to environmental factors. Poor nutrition or lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Although all these causes are different for each type of person, there is no two equal bodies, and each acts in a different way. That Yes, will be taken into account […]

Rehabilitation Nurse

A short dream, between 15 and 20 minutes, helps improve the alert, explains. Caffeine is another appropriate method to prevent the onset of sleep and Rehabilitation Nurse estimated that the equivalent of two cups of coffee can increase the alert for a few hours. But it also warns that the massive and daily use of […]

Passiflora Treatment

The disorder of generalized anxiety (GAD) is characterized by the apprehension or the excessive anxiety on the daily life. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. will not settle for partial explanations. This anxiety is generally very difficult to control or to stop and people with this type of anxiety disorder often is in a constant state of […]

Healing Sounds: Pain Therapy Through Music

Pain can be relieved by music for sleep disturbances, anxiety, heartbreak or grief affects the right music as balm of the soul. Current clinical studies now but also its amazing effect in pain therapy. Music can be used effectively with chronic pain but also before surgery. Researchers engaged in this field worldwide. The Internet health […]

BIB intragastric balloon, treatment of obesity without surgery Intragastric Balloon Program is a weight loss program for obese or overweight. The intragastric balloon device causes weight loss due to a feeling of fullness that reduces the amount of food consumed silicone balloon, duration: 6 months implantation through the mouth early satiety sensation decreases the rate […]