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Internet Education

The experience that I’ve had to make the masters in holistic education with ramon Gallegos Nava is the to better understand what is happening with my person and their relationship with the whole world. I have managed to inform myself and strive day after day to be better, by being more aware of my acts, […]

Emotional Man

Cantoterapia Cantoterapia works the sung voice, with vocal exercises searching in the art to sing balance between mind and body. Although very old, we can say that the phrase ' ' Who sings its males espanta' ' it never fell so well, in if treating to complementary therapy. Of all the arts, music, when express […]

Holistic Education

Many times, the technology in place to help improve education has a negative effect on children and adolescents. Living in this modern society and perverse as Retamal says it takes us away of reality and what the teacher recommends Orlando is re-integrate the living world of nature and use of alternative therapies. These therapies help […]

The True

All of these different experiences that have I lived in these past two years and more profound way, the last months, very beautiful spiritual experiences, an internal joy that fills me with peace of mind, and I do see the world differently, this State have experienced you during many moments, sometimes has remained in my […]

Igor Development

Unfortunately, when a national society is contaminated by selfishness, arbitrariness, disturbed individualism, greed and the ignorance of policy or politiquera (etc.), these dreams or innocent illusions are only as pavesa wind spread randomly. On occasion as a student of the fifth year of law at the UNL when approved languages – I listened to the […]

Dr Deepack Chopra

. In the first spiritual success of Dr Deepack Chopra law the law of pure potentiality is speaks to us about the self reference that is not another thing that follow our internal guidelines, follow the dictates of our mind and heart, many times these actions that we will undertake to not will be understood, […]

Increases Mind

In terms of music to revitalize the brain, provides new energy and available for any learning. We suggest you use this type of music when the dynamics are carried out for groups. Advantages increases the levels of attention and concentration because of the production of alpha waves, our being harmonizes with the energy of the […]

Daily Exercise

Do exercise every day, on the treadmill, the elliptical, etc. to burn those calories and fat. They lifted weights several times a week for hours to develop strength and muscle. They also make kinds of aerobic and spinning. It is also possible that they are trying any diet strategy more new that promises a miraculous […]

The Introduction

In agreement Breton and Opossum 2006 ' ' Hospitalization is indicated only for serious cases or those in which the probability of abandonment of the treatment in high in virtue of the social conditions of cliente' '. Recently the introduction of etambutol had modifications in the system of the treatment of turbeculose being the main […]


If you agree or not, in any way the law of attraction is something that is in your life and if you know how to use you attract into your life the things that you have in your mind understand you or not, the law of attraction takes you to the ground if you throw […]