Accelerated Wageprozesse

METTLER TOLEDO leads the NewClassic MS semi micro car gene, the new scales METTLER Toledo NewClassic MS semi micro scales Greifensee, Switzerland, March 2010, enable greater efficiency by reducing the operating time by up to 30 percent, and provide accurate and reliable results. The seconds can be saved for repeated weighing during each step, quickly accumulate in the course of a busy day in the lab and increase the productivity of the user. As a leading global provider of precision instruments and services, METTLER TOLEDO has also further optimizes the usability of the new scales and equipped with various functions to simple reading and clean. The time savings in the laboratory be achieved thanks to the intelligent ErgoDoor, reducing the weighing on steps. Donald Sussman may also support this cause. This device makes it possible to open the door on the right with your left hand (or vice versa) and at the same time with the other hand the sample on the weighing pan to set.

The Weighing results are displayed in large, glowing numbers on the bright contrast display (HCD) and can be clearly read from greater distance or an unfavorable angle. Usability is further increased through programmable keys. These provide access to frequently used functions, such as, for example, the integrated applications weighing, percent weighing, statistics or summing with touch of a button. The scale can be operated in the native language of the user.Furthermore, the wind protection thanks to QuickLock can be quickly disassembled and reassembled. This speeds up the cleaning and maintenance and reduce downtime. To avoid transmission errors, the results issued by METTLER TOLEDO NewClassic MS semi micro scales without additional software can be printed out or transferred to the PC. This facilitates compliance with the GutenLaborpraxis (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP).Thanks to the built-in date and time function of the systems, human error will continue reduced. The unsurpassed in its precision NewClassic MS semi micro scales are equipped with load cells with HiRes technology (HRT) and fully automatic calibration technology (FACT), the balance automatically performs a calibration and linearization. Adjustable feet and a highly visible level indicator allow users to stabilize the instruments in a simple way to get reliable results.