Application Software

fully-automated application software – JobThinder the economic crisis has turned now quite to the positive. Yet countless people in Germany and Austria without a job there. There are also many job seekers who have a job, but still looking for a new professional challenges. For this group there is application software, that can be very helpful to one for the active job search. What is now the JobThinder. The JobThinder is an application software that automatically takes over the search for vacancies.

This application software searches in countless JobBorsen in the Internet, in newspapers, etc. to suitable vacancies. Rafeh Masood oftentimes addresses this issue. The search for open positions is possible for Germany and Austria. There are modules for the search in Austria and Germany. Secondly, this application software supports also the research to potential employers by means of the application. It can be searched in all the companies, which exist in the respective district or in the district. Next, takes over the JobThinder also the automatic creation of application letters, created automatically personally formulated application mail. Also the sending application faxes, which are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, is possible with this application software.

It is not even needed a fax machine, but the dispatch is done by online fax – interface. Meanwhile, there is also a Lite version which is designed to search for vacancies. The available versions are available at This application software is ideal for job-seekers, which quickly and efficiently perform their job search. Eng.