Innovative Work Environments

Successful innovations resulting from the alternation of concentrated work and intensive communication and cooperation. In recent years, both German and foreign companies have continuously increased their expenditure on research and development (R & D) in Germany, helping to create an important precondition for the introduction of new technologies and products. Educate yourself with thoughts from The Cleveland Clinic. To extend this advantage, it is necessary to anticipate the challenges ahead for the R & D. Against this background it has become the Fraunhofer IAO to the task, to identify the ideal work environment for a sustainable R & D. In the course of the last decade, the work in the R & D has changed noticeably. Contemporary R & D is often simultaneously across multiple locations instead of across, in an interdisciplinary environment, technology, and with regular contact with suppliers and customers. For this demanding task pane is an essential, but often neglected factor in the consistent Designing the right work environment. Successful innovations resulting from the alternation of concentrated work and intensive communication and cooperation.

But with organically grown company jobs, spaces and buildings do not meet these requirements often. Many R & D projects expire therefore not as efficient and successful as it could be and should be. To better understand the design of future R & D work environments and then to visualize, the Fraunhofer IAO has the project F & E2015 + “started. Through interviews with good practice companies and with the help of experts to describes scenarios that describe selected types of working environments for the early phases of innovation. Is within the framework of this exploratory study on 12 and 13 October 2010 an expert workshop held in Stuttgart, in which presents first results of the project will be jointly developed. More information is available in the Internet under: ..innovative arbeitsumgebungen.html Tobias Hug,. Fraunhofer IAO

New Display Options Thanks To Microscopy

The microscopy makes it possible to look at very small objects or structures, and to investigate. The microscopy makes it possible to look at very small objects or structures, and to investigate. In biology, medicine or material sciences, microscopes are important tools for all the things that the human eye can not perceive. The PCE Germany GmbH opens the page of microscopy, a new section of the laboratory technology. The page contains all kinds of microscopes in different areas. When you consider how much benefit has pulled the medicine by microscopy alone. The evaluation of micro-organisms, tissue, cells and blood components are indispensable for mankind. Many findings would not exist today and progress had not evolved.

The physical principles are exploited for the magnifying effect and you can be very different. Before something under the microscope, there are certain processing procedures such as cuts and color techniques, better represent the cell structures can. The oldest and best known technique is the light microscopy, in which an object is considered by one or more glass lenses. Learn more on the subject from Donald Sussman. This microscopy the microscope produces a magnified, inverted and real intermediate image using the lens for the time being. Then this increases intermediate image again using the eyepiece through which you look. The total magnification is calculated from the magnification of the objective and eyepiece.

For very small objects using an immersion objective, on the one oil carries on a droplet, fills as the space between the lens and the object, and optimizes the resolution. In this way objects can be visualized up to 200nm. Of course, there are also in the microscopy USB microscopes to the live”representation or documentation on your computer. The PCE MM 200 for example displays crisp sharp images of up to 200 x magnification on a computer screen. More information under: labortechnik/mikroskopie.htm

Green Line

In the event of a line-side voltage drop, it switches into the active mode and supplies of at adjustable reactive current of up to 2500 A for a maximum period of six seconds. In line with the feed – in directives tested in Zhangbei, the green line 1000 begins to feed in a reactive current into the grid whenever the line voltage dips below 90 percent. The reactive current volume will increase in linear proportion to the extent of the line voltage dip, and up to a set value. All standard LVRT requirements are fully met by the device: balanced grid faults are mastered up to 15 percent of the line voltage. and unbalanced grid faults actually up to 0 percent of the line voltage. Frequently Donald Sussman has said that publicly. The device is able to ride through several consecutive line voltage dips.

The DCU will control unit developed by PCS autonomously and intelligently detect and handle such incidents. Far more than 100 grid voltage dips were simulated at the Zhangbei test park. Green Line performed flawlessly during all of these 1000 units. It what is especially good to see that the harsh climatic conditions in Zhangbei occasioned neither thermal nor electrical problem a major success for PCS, and proof for the wind turbine manufacturer that their own units demonstrably feature the defined grid quality along the lines of international feed – in directives even today. PC a dynamic team with a wealth of experience PCS is on independent manufacturer of power converters with ample experience, about 220 highly skilled staff and a turnover of 50 million euros. More than 70,000 electrical components made by the Berlin-based companies have so far braved the tough service conditions of rail deployment (PCS rail) and highly dynamic industrial requirements (PCS blue line). Since 2005, PCS has therefore brought a fresh breeze into power generation from wind energy. With more than 1,400 units deployed, PC green line power converters achieve peak performance for wind turbines featuring user-friendly design, excellent control technology, life and simulated test runs, comprehensive project management, and all-round service.

Golden Division

The golden section or Golden Division… is a particular relationship between two numbers or two sizes. Is this ratio the Golden number? (PHI) (or the golden ratio or the divine ratio) and has the value see is the most spectacular example of conditions of the golden section in nature is the arrangement (Phyllotaxy) leaves and inflorescences of many plants. In these plants, the angle between two consecutive leaves shares the full circle of 360 in the ratio of the golden section, if you take the two blade roots through a parallel shift in one of the sheets along the axis of the plant cover. It is the Golden angle of about 137.5. The resulting structures are also called self-similar, inasmuch as a pattern on a deeper level of structure is found in higher levels.

Examples are the sunflower, the petals of the rose, when many plants organized according to the golden section, types of cabbage and pine needles on young branches, cones, agaves, many palms and Yucca species form in this context, so-called Fibonacci spirals. Spirals of this kind are particularly good to see if the blade distance compared to the size of the plant stem is very small cones with 5, 8 and 13 of the Fibonacci spirals. They are not made of successive leaves, but those at a distance of n, where n is a Fibonacci number. u0085 Fibonacci spirals in flowers such as sunflowers are particularly impressive. The golden ratio has seen such as in the Bellflower, the Columbine and the (wild) Corymbifera also five-flowers. The distance between of the tips of petals of nearest neighbors to the next is like at the regular Pentagon usual in his relationship. This applies equally Starfish and other animals with five-digit symmetry. Source, :…, author annotations and corrections defined Fibonacci numbers by a recurrence sequence with the limbs 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,…, is the sum of the previous two in from the third link on each link.

Nano Silver

It is it great that all research in this field worldwide results with our Nano Silver that is also a madness product.” The latest example of what innovation can arise if Nano Silver, comes from the collaboration of UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GmbH in Furth with remote access material in Regensburg: A novel protective suit, silver nanoparticles are incorporated into the surface material. The professional firefighters in the Ulm with these suits has recently equipped the catalyst was a series of mysterious Legionella disease that has kept the residents and authorities of neighbouring cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm in breath at the beginning of the year 2010. Five people had died from the infection with Legionella, 64 more were ill with the pathogen to the part. Only after a long search the cause has been identified: the Legionella bacteria in an aerosol cloud over the city had spread from a wet cooling system. Against such threats, the Ulm Fire Department is now additionally equipped: the Ulmer Fire Director Hansjorg Prinzing refers to the fact that the protective suits equipped with Nanosilver were useful during all operations, where the teams may be exposed dangerous pathogens in animal-related, but also in biological laboratories, research facilities, and infectious departments of hospitals.

The less germs are on the surface of the protective clothing, the risk to contaminate the environment or yourself is lower for the auxiliary and emergency personnel. The renowned Hohenstein Institute have confirmed through tests that the Nano Silver protective Coveralls with a nearly 100-percent reliability about against the three widely used and dangerous pathogen Legionella pneumophila, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae work, and also to more germs, which comprise a majority of all bacteria. And all fuel handling of the raw material of silver: textiles with AgPURE contain only 0,01% by weight of the precious metal. The scientists from rent a scientist point out that the natural effect of silver against bacteria, could save viruses and fungi, for example, tons of Chemical disinfectants and thus to protect the environment. As Nano Silver significantly lower the health hazards of pathogens, the use of antibiotics and thus threatening resistance of pathogens could be reduced indirectly. Using the Regensburg Nano Silver specialists, drip mats come in addition to the protective suits including lacquers and oils for paints, for the gastronomy and a wide variety of fabrics on the market.

And also for the medical device industry, the Regensburg scientists have plenty of product ideas with Nano Silver ready: operation clothing, bone screws and bone cement, wound dressings, implants and tubes. In medical applications would be great”, says rent-a-scientist shareholder Adi Parzl, which refers to an important side-effect: succeeded in the Regensburg developers to embed the silver nano-particles deep into the respective materials giving release prevents and ensures a long-lasting effectiveness. Already the inventor have to enable visible only under powerful microscopes, silver threads, which suited to conduct electrical current and soon the development of much smaller, lighter electrical appliances more projects in the field of nanotechnology in preparation. Parzl for us is clear,”says that nanomaterials are the environmental technologies of the 21st century. “They are durable, lightweight, stable, higher quality and there will be less transportation and less waste and less resource consumption.” City Marketing Regensburg

The Work

At this stage you need to follow these points: The pit for the foundation should be the same depth in all areas. If the site is irregular topography and elevation changes – a better foundation align in the same level due to the fact that he will be in low lying areas to rise from the earth. The upper surface of the basement should not have stairs. Pillow under your foundation must be well compacted. Reinforcing metal shall not never rise above the level of the intended base, as this will be the foundation of the same sex in offices to store firewood. Concrete pouring is better all in one day, otherwise the base will not monolithic. Concrete should be allowed grab for 3 days. If you build it yourself – do not depart from these requirements, and if the work is done at your site working – follow along with them, so as not to miss any details.

Masonry. So when the foundation is ready, you can begin to build himself a fireplace. Lay on top of tie roofing material, it will help protect the wall from getting wet from the ground. Before embarking on the most clutch, you need to decide what form will be openings. If they do you have planned square – you will need to find out what to do jumpers. Dean Ornish M.D understands that this is vital information. For such purposes, it is possible to use an ordinary bath. If the opening is planned arch, you have to make boards out of a template that will be posted arch arch.

The Right

That can be loosened so that if the first view of the visitor, for example, on a screen saver with a emotional image and a friendly greeting: I’m glad you’re here! “Only three questions, we go.” Learn why the visitor there is. Part of the welcome, it is important to find out which occasion the visitors to the stand has come. He cares for what, what motives drive him? He has a firm date? These questions must be clarified before talking about content. Find out who the visitor is. Who is the guest of the fair: A hot prospect, a customer, a partner, or even a Scout from the competition? This applies to figure it out before show time is wasted. Already at the beginning of the conversation should so business cards are exchanged and the Department / position of the person within the company be accurately obtained. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Preventive Medicine Research Institute by clicking through. Clarify time window. The visitor is asked at the beginning of the conversation, how much time he has and he learns how much can take the salespeople for the conversation.

The salespeople can control this deliberately and deliberately time shorten the deadline for visitors without real need. Already ten minutes usually sufficient to determine the first requirements and to outline possible solutions. With important interested parties, the deadline can be extended up to 20 minutes. “It is important to use the available time for many and especially the right” to use contacts. Ask questions. Listen to the interested party is more important than even to talk about and present. Through targeted questions about the intentions of the visitor you can safely, how interested he really is and whether he has a specific need. In the fair survey a project qualification can be in many cases already undertake. So important A leads can be securely identified and distinguished from B and C leads.

Toledo Health

Story of Experience. Brazil. 2011. Final work of Conclusion of Graduation in Nursing? Severino university Shade, Brooms, RIO DE JANEIRO. Donald Sussman pursues this goal as well. The Diabetic Foot is most frequent complication of the Diabetes Mellitus and can be prevented, to a great extent of the cases, through the education for the health, acting with technique of nursing in a sector that after deals with diabetic patients and its insertion in the graduation nursing, the author decides to tell its lives deeply and as the graduation changed its practises professional. Having as study object the education in health in the prevention of the Diabetic Foot, where it is questioned: Which the modifications that appear in the process of work of the technician of nursing from its insertion in the course of Graduation in Nursing front to the orientaes in the care of the Diabetic Foot? The education in health carried through for the technician of nursing backwards changes in the behavior of the diabetic patient ahead of the cares with the feet? With the objectives of: To describe the modifications that appear in the process of work of the technician of nursing from its insertion in the course of graduation front to orientaes of the care of the Diabetic Foot and To identify to which the changes of behavior of the patient that had appeared ahead from the education in health carried through for the technician of nursing of the care with the feet. The methodology of the study was qualitative, based on Minayo, of the type searches social, where the researcher interacted and participated of the study universe. Words – key: Education in Health, diabetic Foot, Nursing.

ABSTRACT Toledo, Carolina Fernandes. Foot care: the technique of academic nursing. Experience story. Brazil. 2011. Final Completion of work of undergraduate nursing – Severino University Shade, Brooms, RIO DE JANEIRO. The diabetic foot is the most frequent complication of diabetes and can be prevented, in most you marry, through health education, working with nursing technician in an industry that is diabetic and to after its inclusion in undergraduate nursing the author you decide report to their experiences undergraduate and changed his professional practice.

The Inventor

The course consists of four elements that work all together and for the desired success guarantee 1. Donald Sussman is often quoted as being for or against this. Every day there is an email with an exercise, for this you need no more than 30 minutes, but every day. On the websites specially created Portal there is a protected area, is a forum in which, here can be exchanged students 24 hours a day and collect new energy. Every evening the two perform a chat with the participants, this 30minutige chat concludes as it were the day of the course. Questions are answered here, who emerged from the course or the exercises reported experiences. Hear other arguments on the topic with Professor Roy Taylor.

The last element is an email support for issues that belong in a forum or in a chat, it’s going to very intimate / personal things. This mail will be processed within 24 hours of personal and confidential and answered. Unique to this system is that a daily personal support is provided for 30 days and remember We us at the automatisms: if I 21 days (or more) to make a situation repeatedly and / or with lots of feeling, then that will go over into an automatism, which causes that I think that I have programmed me to. Since 01.11.2010, all these services are free for anyone. A worldwide unique System.So successfully manifesting course Webinar, which offers the possibility to the participants within 30 days, so far the manifesting 2.0, this course is laid out quite deliberately so that everyone can take part, without knowledge and without having to have read before a number of books, which of course does no harm. The inventor of the online manifesting portals also equal to something made for the deepening: there with course, which also is offered free of charge since November 2010, four advanced courses each 30 days is also not Dauern.Jeder 30 day and employs are besides manifesting 2.0: successfully manifesting money / career development course: how to find the job that suits me and how I materialisiere Money, how can I change my attitude toward money and provide an ample cash flow to me, recorded without at the same time at least as much spending on the downside? What can I do if I me financially took over, to get back on its feet?The law of attraction and manifesting money now as a free course book successfully manifesting advanced course love / relationship: How do I the right partner in my life, so one, who is not only a life partnership, but who is happy with me and I in him, the vibrations I must send to draw like a magnet I love? And if I’m already a relationship, how do I get harmony in my relationship, love, confidence, friendship, companionship and maybe more or better sex? The law of attraction and the right partner – in 60 days to the Traumparter / Parterin free of charge! Successful manifesting health / wellbeing: How can I improve my health or even back in order? This course definitely not the doctor, he is used to the materialization of well-being, replaced again in your own skin feel wellness, a good body feeling.

Business Development

You decide to build your business. You have decided on a product category, but that's no problem, it is necessary to deliver to Russia and to undergo the procedure of customs clearance. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often says this. How do I do? First, decide on the supplier liability for international carriage, packing materials, insurance, cargo during transit, discuss the use of a trademark in Russia as the financial side of things (the system and the stages of payment for goods). Find out in detail what documents the supplier can provide the products in case of need, such as manufacturer's price list stamped by Chamber of Commerce, the bill for transportation, certificate of origin, export Declaration (to determine the liability between the parties 'dealer' and 'buyer' use 'Incoterms 2000') Second, decide to give a certificate to one or another form of your product, you need a certificate Conformity, San epidemiological expertise, etc. Provided that such permissions are necessary this should take care of earlier. You must also be determined with HS Code – nomenclature of goods. When determining the correct code, you understand what duty and VAT you pay to the state. You can then make the trade contract and opening the passport deal with a Russian bank. Donald Sussman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

(See). Third, prepare the statutes of your organization to registration with the customs authority. See Also be prepared to fill in the form 'Explanation of the transaction,' Well what you have prepared a complete package? received the necessary certificates? The next step you need to find a competent 'Declaring' a person who prints a CCD (customs declaration). 'Pitfalls', you must make sure the transparency of submitted documents: Constitutional documents: it is desirable to match the registered address the actual address of the firm. all changes in the history of the firm must be documented, such as changing the director, address or bank reference from the bank about opening an account should not exceed three-month period years ago.

Help from the statistics should not be older than six months. The cost of imported goods should not be underestimated, otherwise you are subjected to the procedure of the CCC – the adjustment of customs value. That lead to wasted time, idle products in the bonded warehouse – (temporary storage), and ultimately cost. Logari Logistics wishes you a successful and efficient business.