This Chocking

Because without patents, a rival company could simply the welding machine of the welding GmbH unscrew, look at and recreate the device. If all competitors are doing this, the welder GmbH by the new development has had more and therefore no benefits research expenditure, without that this is resulted in a benefit for the company. This effect, that competitors adopt technologies from the innovator, is called spillover effect. The copy is easier, the spillover effect is higher and the less incentives to do research at all. If the welder GmbH has now developed the new welding equipment and has registered as a patent, arises the question whether it is worthwhile to introduce the new better product at all. We assume that the welder GmbH for the old welding devices already has a market share of 90%. If she now introduces the new welding machine, an effect on the Schumpeter’s creative destruction”has called.

The company cannibalizes itself, that means she will be once the new machines on the market are, the old equipment no longer come on or just have to extremely low prices. Therefore the impact welding GmbH must switch complete production, resulting in high costs. In addition, it could be that the new equipment last longer, less profit can be make with you so. There are so various factors, which may cause the welder GmbH at all not to use the new technology. The competition again can not insert also the technology, because the welder GmbH has a corresponding patent for the new welding machine.

This Chocking of the competition is called the blocking patent. The not an innovation is certainly not only a negative, because sometimes a whole industry can get through an innovation issues. So, the promoters of the combustible gases are affected when other gases or less gases used in the new procedure. Here there can be a big slump in demand and the corresponding consequences such as bankruptcies and dismissal. There are many other effects, which are subject to innovations and issues, triggered by innovations be. Economically there are usually enough, but sometimes too much innovation or innovations lead to a dead end (E.g. Zeppelin). Especially, Schumpeter and arrow have provided interesting approaches in these matters. And the welding machine of the welding GmbH? The technology has prevailed. Today, most modern welding equipment are electric arc welding machines.


The each optional check valves and mechanical latches serve as a second backup of the system. Optima workholding offers the HRV rotor locks with pin diameters from 120 mm (120-50 HRV) 240 mm (HRV 240-80). Others who may share this opinion include Professor Roy Taylor. Depending on the model the components for shear forces are up to 4,000 KN. The end positions of the locking element displayed by two mechanical limit switches and can be visualized using the machine control system. So, the operator immediately detects the condition of the plant. The components of HRV are corrosion resistant and suitable for the standard for use at temperatures between – 30 C and + 60 C. The electro-mechanical rotor locks of the series ‘ERV’ are, however, brought by an Electromotor in position.

The advantage of this system is that you do without oil transfer hoses. The component also has a mechanical self-locking design. Frequently Barbara Martin Coppola has said that publicly. All functions can be easily monitored. The standard version is the electromechanical rotor locking (ERV 240-80) with a Bolt diameter of 240 mm and lateral forces designed up to 4,000 KN. As for the hydraulic system is controlled through two mechanical limit switches. One inductive proximity switch is indicative of a previously defined force which pushes the bolt against the rotor disc.

Thus not enough: For customers who place special demands on the rotor locks for their wind turbines, the team by Optima workholding develops tailor made solutions on the basis of the two systems. This one covers the complete services of project management – from intensive consultation to rebuilding and retrofitting existing plants. Even costly special constructions without long lead times are available through a dense network of distributors all over the world. Learn more about rotor locks by Optima workholding, see on the Internet. Contact the companies Optima clamping Technology GmbH phone + 49 (0) 2741-9789 0 info(at) contact for the press we at knoefler-journalist. media + communications GmbH Benjamin Knofler, Ayenegbe Stephen phone + 49 (0) 6028 80729 0 jakob(at) about the James group: the James group is an Association of seven medium-sized companies in the fields of propulsion and workholding, automation and vacuum technology. The individual companies work under the umbrella of the Jacob group independently, feel obligation of close cooperation. Synergies for the benefit of clients arise again and again by this philosophy. About Optima workholding: The Optima clamping Technology GmbH is one of experience today with more than 40 years to the leading manufacturers of clamping systems for forming presses and special machinery. International customers from the most diverse sectors rely on the expertise of the technicians and engineers from scouring field in the Westerwald. With rotor locking systems for wind turbines, Optima workholding treads new paths to convince through highest quality and comprehensive service now also in this future-oriented market.

Comeback Of The Sirens?

Alerting the population: new software integrates existing and future technologies Achern, August 27, 2010 – the Securiton GmbH (, Achern/Baden Wurttemberg, has created a new population warning system with three other companies. Responsible for concept, design and enterprise integration Dipl.-ing. Ulrich Skubsch, head of channel management at Securiton. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Software with open interfaces the concept envisages an operating software with open interfaces by Securiton (“mosaic”), this completely masts with speakers/sirens and self-sufficient energy supply. Checking article sources yields Dean Ornish M.D as a relevant resource throughout. The modular construction allows to connect information from existing population warning systems or new notification methods with a mouse click.

“Warning tones, language canned or live announcements – everything is possible”, explains Skubsch. Mobile phones with “Mosaic” can also – if asked – and provide pager with text messages. “Low cost and scalability are more advantages of our approach. We can provide a single village. The towers also put no continuous radiation such as mobile channels free.” Currently, there is no automatically functioning, nationwide system to alert the population in case of disaster in Germany.

“Experts bemoan this for more than ten years. Policy, fire brigade and civil protection are looking for a long time after workable solutions”, Skubsch says. Sirens in many parts of the Federal Republic were closed after the end of the cold war. A warning via TV and radio only or with announcements from mobile loudspeakers by police or fire department is currently possible in non-covered areas. “Already a major storm with power failure brings all current warning concepts quickly collapse: Internet, landline telephones, radio and TV no longer work – Soundsystem only exists in insufficient number.” The mobile network is quickly overloaded. A dynamic, the situation adapted information of the population is no longer possible. That would be necessary, however, because many people overwhelmed such as the blackout in the Munsterland felt”, emphasizes Skubsch. New ideas: In case of emergency honking cars, smoke detector with alarm-chip the “Mosaic” software will process information from “SatWS”. It is a system of Federal Office of population and civil protection (BBK), Bonn. It informs for example in attacks including television and radio stations an urgent message and entail a break, as well as immediate notification of the viewers or listeners. For several years, always different concepts of population information are discussed and explored, for example a notification via SMS message on the cell phone (SMS), horn sounds triggered by control stations in parked cars or smoke detector with hydro radio chip. Municipalities are responsible responsible for preparedness for notification and mayors and district heads are local security. “They are responsible for a rapid, reliable information of the inhabitants and forward not only the messages of other authorities,” Skubsch says. “Our concept includes future-proof and reliable existing gaps in the early warning of the population.” Company description the Securiton GmbH, Achern, is one of the leading suppliers of electronic security technology in Germany. The company offers include fire – and burglary / robbery alarm systems, access control and video surveillance systems. Securiton nationwide about 300 employees and is a company of the Securitas Group Switzerland. Company contact: Securiton GmbH Markus Strubel von-Drais-Strasse 33 77855 Achern Tel: 07841 6223-739 email: Web:

Standardized Interface For Sophisticated Applications

Due to the continuous improvement of performance parameters increase the demands on the linking systems for the couplings. To meet the demand for high power density and maximum torsional rigidity, the manufacturer of engines and transmissions increasingly use a standard flange connection on the output side. A step in the right direction! However customers had to often rely on expensive or immature coupling solutions in order to use this option at all. Gain insight and clarity with Professor Roy Taylor. JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH from Kleinwallstadt now responds to the requirements of the market and offers a new series of servo couplings with single-sided flange connection. The specialists of the lower main have designed two new ranges of couplings with models KPE and KPP-F, the the connection of transmissions and engines with one according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1 standard, mechanical interface easily allow. Both types allow the production advantages of Metallbalgservokupplungen such as the absolute zero clearance, a high torsional rigidity, compensate for misalignment and of course a high operating torque.

The new servo couplings in the portfolio by JAKOB are recommended for a wide range of applications. Benefits of the KPE with their two-part flange series are a compact design and easy installation while the plug-in variant KPP-F especially in difficult installation conditions comes to fruition. Both new servo couplings can be used for hole diameter of 31.5 to 160 millimeters of the standard flange and cover a wide range. They are characterized, usually as for JAKOB Antriebstechnik, through high-quality choice of materials: flange rings and clamping ring hub, for example, consist of Nitro cemented and tempered steel, the clamping hub and the sealing ring made of high-strength aluminium. The bellows is made of stainless steel and can withstand up to 300 C effortlessly temperatures.

The developed and patented by JAKOB flange insertion procedure is guarantee for an optimal and backlash-free connection of metal bellows and hub. A special micro-plasma welding method used steel or stainless steel hubs, as they are used in the models with 1600 nm nominal torque, alternatively to the bellow links, to meet the uncompromising demands of the own product quality. Conclusion: With the models KPP-F KPE offers an optimal solution JAKOB Antriebstechnik for connection to DIN standardised interfaces and early responds to the increasing demand for a sophisticated and high-quality system in this segment. The inventor of the metal bellows coupling confirm once again its reputation as an innovator in drive technology. Learn more about the flange couplings by JAKOB Antriebstechnik, see on the Internet. Contact the company JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH phone + 49 (0) 6022-2208 0 info(at) contact for the press we at knoefler-journalist. media + communications GmbH Benjamin Knofler, Henning Klein Telefon + 49 (0) 6028 80729 0 jakob(at) about the James group: the James group is an Association of seven medium-sized companies in the fields of propulsion and workholding, automation and vacuum technology. The individual companies work under the umbrella of the Jacob group independently, feel obligation of close cooperation. Synergies for the benefit of clients arise again and again by this philosophy. About JAKOB Antriebstechnik: JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH is one of almost 40 years to the leading manufacturers of servo and safety couplings. Mechanical clamping elements with assistance also include the portfolio for many years.

Accelerated Wageprozesse

METTLER TOLEDO leads the NewClassic MS semi micro car gene, the new scales METTLER Toledo NewClassic MS semi micro scales Greifensee, Switzerland, March 2010, enable greater efficiency by reducing the operating time by up to 30 percent, and provide accurate and reliable results. The seconds can be saved for repeated weighing during each step, quickly accumulate in the course of a busy day in the lab and increase the productivity of the user. As a leading global provider of precision instruments and services, METTLER TOLEDO has also further optimizes the usability of the new scales and equipped with various functions to simple reading and clean. The time savings in the laboratory be achieved thanks to the intelligent ErgoDoor, reducing the weighing on steps. Donald Sussman may also support this cause. This device makes it possible to open the door on the right with your left hand (or vice versa) and at the same time with the other hand the sample on the weighing pan to set.

The Weighing results are displayed in large, glowing numbers on the bright contrast display (HCD) and can be clearly read from greater distance or an unfavorable angle. Usability is further increased through programmable keys. These provide access to frequently used functions, such as, for example, the integrated applications weighing, percent weighing, statistics or summing with touch of a button. The scale can be operated in the native language of the user.Furthermore, the wind protection thanks to QuickLock can be quickly disassembled and reassembled. This speeds up the cleaning and maintenance and reduce downtime. To avoid transmission errors, the results issued by METTLER TOLEDO NewClassic MS semi micro scales without additional software can be printed out or transferred to the PC. This facilitates compliance with the GutenLaborpraxis (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP).Thanks to the built-in date and time function of the systems, human error will continue reduced. The unsurpassed in its precision NewClassic MS semi micro scales are equipped with load cells with HiRes technology (HRT) and fully automatic calibration technology (FACT), the balance automatically performs a calibration and linearization. Adjustable feet and a highly visible level indicator allow users to stabilize the instruments in a simple way to get reliable results.

Thomas Horz

Zeitlauf is thus once again signs and shows how you can construct small and resource-conserving because the performance in relation to the minimum installation space is virtually impossible to beat. Difficult conditions? No problem! The oversizing of drives, often in the past is today anything but modern. Above all in harsh ambient conditions and tough requirements often for safety’s sake “an above the performance design implemented. PerforMax plus the drive specialist has designed with once again a technologically leading solution. The case of the output stage is completely made of steel, then hardened and therefore extremely robust. Thus, the compact geared motors due to their performance can be always use, where other providers long need to work with larger sizes. Often lacking with comparable performance to the corresponding impact of the drive unit. In terms of efficiency, an important criterion in the modern transmission technology, Zeitlauf has proven his longstanding engineering expertise and technological leadership.

Performance par Excellence plus covers a performance and range the entire series with the new PerforMax, which is second to none. Ideally matched, it offers always the correct power level for a variety of ways. With the optional applicable radial load level HRL also extra high radial loads can be absorbed. Depending on the output speed radial forces can be transferred from up to 2,000 N. Also in relation to the ratios, the PerforMax is technologically far forward family.

Ratios of up to 17:1 in a level are unique performance criteria in the drive market it’s maximum power output at minimal space. Read additional details here: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. In addition, that the ratios are harmoniously considered and deliberately more finely divided mainly in the area of the small ratios. The extensive engineering expertise also allows a motor shaft gear with three teeth in special cases even only with one tooth. The optimal matching of speed and power make the planetary gear series finally a modular transmission concept with highest performance orientation. That as regards the choice of engines is also evident in the future-oriented concept, what. The modern EC and BLDC motors offer here outstanding options. The customized power densities of PerforMax plus are optimally adapted to this new engine concepts. An additional benefit is achieved by allowing modification of the housing, so that drive concepts can easily be realised for the adaptation to customer specific housings. Our goal is actively developing energy-efficient transmission and engine technology to promote, in the long term with unbeatable value on the Convince market. “With the planetary PerforMax we provide innovative system provider for mechatronic drive solutions that processes can be designed with our high-performance, energy-efficient and low-maintenance gear solutions that kon is for all applications so economically and profitably as possible? gure leave”, as Thomas Horz, Managing Director of the company Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik GmbH & co. KG. For more information, see:

POLYTEC Ultra High Frequency Vibrometer On The Hannover Fair Award

POLYTEC GmbH from Waldbronn WINS industry award 2011 the POLYTEC GmbH award on 6 April at the Hannover Fair for their ultra high frequency UHF-120 Vibrometer industry 2011 in the category micro system technology. The Vibrometer captures high-frequency oscillations and transient movement operations according to the principle of optical Doppler interferometry. Compared to previously available FM frequency bandwidth to 50 times on 1.2 GHz has been increased. This opens completely new applications. The POLYTEC UHF-120 ultra high frequency Vibrometer ( uhf) was in the category of microsystem technology the industry 2011 awarded prize.

The awarding took place on the 06.04 on the Hannover Messe. The prize donated by the Huber Verlag fur neue Medien is awarded by a 30-member Panel of experts. This new award of POLYTEC product demonstrates the innovative strength of the Waldbronner company. POLYTEC gained, for example, 2009 innovation award of the German economy for the RoboVib test station for fully automatic vibration analysis, as well as the MessTec & Sensor Masters award for the optical Derotator. The POLYTEC awarded the industry award as special innovation captures high-frequency oscillations and transient movement operations according to the principle of optical Doppler interferometry UHF-120 Vibrometers.

The frequency bandwidth increased compared to previously available FM to the 50 times (!) on 1.2 GHz opens up completely new applications. It allows the direct measurement and visualization of novel micro-electro-mechanical or micro-electronic components such as RF-MEMS NEMS, Ultraschalltransducern (medical) or SAW and BAW filters (micro-electronics) (used in mobile phones). The visualization method is similar to a camera, the tiny vibration amplitudes (< 1 Picometer) and extremely fast movements (1.2 billion oscillations per second). Due to these properties, a development engineer can characterize the mechanical behavior of a prototype easy and extremely accurate. Better products with shorter development times are the result.

Akron Successful

Copyright 2009 by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! We can derive following findings: company consultations fail therefore up to 80%, because 3. closed systems are fine and all people are first-order systems. Success-rich companies satisfy the biggest bottleneck of your target groups: Karcher (cleaning and complexity), HILTI (professional construction equipment and durability), Mercedes (mobility and luxury), as in the nature differently: the companies deny a daily struggle for survival. As Bunstorf with his colleagues Steven explored Klepper as the small American town Akron, at the beginning of the 20th century as the capital of the tyre production has risen, on laws, known originally from biology joining: evolution, ecology: + innovation, Economics: mutation (inheritance), + inventions, innovations selection and that + competition: quality. Quantity, price, image of the better adapted for survival. + The 4 phases of the product life. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dean Ornish M.D. Growth and development to the maximum complexity! We remind ourselves of the practical experiences: 4.55 billion years since the formation of the Earth. 2.55 billion years since the formation of the ice age plants and wildlife.

10 000 years the modern exists homo sapiens in Europe. At the end of the 19th century the three tyre manufacturers were founded in Akron Firestone, Goodyear and Goodrich. The emerging car industry in the adjoining Detroit gave the company soon a good deal that new companies in the entire United States attracted. But the residents to not prevailed in Akron, even though the number of successful tyre manufacturers to rise sharply. They were beaten in the competition for the survival of the fittest by companies that were founded locally and had a decisive strength virtually inherited: the most successful tire manufacturer had emerged as the so-called spin-offs from the three original Companies and had valuable expertise from their parent company taken with. That gave them a decisive competitive advantages. Successful companies create successful spin-offs”was the thesis which it derived Economist Bunstorf.

DFKOM Promotes Dialogues At ILA Airshow 2010

Berlin air show takes Berlin/Munich until June 13–is at the heart of international aviation and aerospace exhibition (ILA) in Berlin starting today the exchange of high-tech companies with customers and suppliers. The DFKOM GmbH specializes in the aviation industry encourages this dialogue this year again. Supported the appearance of various aerospace companies at the ILA 2010, inter alia by marketing and PR strategies, corporate publishing products (videos, brochures, websites, etc), as well as Public Relations. ILA customers of the owner-operated full service agency for multimedia communication include among others the Swiss Technology Group RUAG, the European engine Consortium MTU Turbomeca Rolls-Royce ITP (MTRI) and premium AEROTEC, world’s leading supplier of aerostructures. The Switzerland is why the RUAG this time also in this framework presents itself the ILA partner country 2010. Is at the heart of the Group’s first own aircraft, the 228NG, do the both participate in the flight program of the fair as well as the To visit the ground will be. With 1,153 exhibitors from 47 countries, the ILA 2010 recorded a record attendance.

Among the well-known companies that present themselves on the southern section of Berlin-Schonefeld airport, Airbus, Antonov, Arianespace, Astrium, Beriev, Bell Helicopter Textron, Boeing, Bombardier, CAE, diamond, Diehl, EADS, Eurocopter, ESA, Irkut, Liebherr Aerospace, Lufthansa systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, OHB, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Rockwell Collins, Sikorsky and Thales. The DFKOM GmbH will also be represented on the spot. The ILA is held every two years and applies since its first edition in 1909 as the oldest aviation show in the world. The ILA 2010 lasts until Sunday, June 13. Description of the company DFKOM GmbH is an established supplier of marketing and PR strategies. She is a renowned specialist for corporate publishing, Public Relations and social media. Offers the owner-operated full-service agency for multimedia communication with offices in Munich and Cologne-Dusseldorf high-quality content and designs for print and online media. DFKOM is TuV certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

3D Printer And Application Possibilities

3-D printer – actually there: printers that can create three-dimensional body. These 3D printers are so far mainly in the industrial prototyping and design, or in the architecture above. The advantage is clearly obvious: 3D models you can touch. 3 D make printer models so the buttons off and try out. So can be quickly and cheaply found out, if, for example, a component for the remaining matches, or if a product looks like anyone could have imagined it. Also customer presentations are plastic so in the truest sense of the word ‘.

The manufacture of three-dimensional models is also called rapid prototyping”referred to and is long known to designers and design engineers. A company of not own 3D printer, since these are currently still quite expensive, the order to an external provider can be issued. These are equipped printers with different 3 D, to establish the appropriate prototype for each customer. Because the 3D printers differ not only in terms of their price ranges, but also According to the used materials or dimensional accuracy of the 3D printing results. Hip from the printer even in the field of medicine and medical technology 3D is the 3D printing already arrived and is gaining more and more importance. Research on versatility.

So dental implant or implants could be printed in the future of titanium or other materials. Even on printers ‘ for whole organs such as the skin, ears or kidneys from real cells is investigated. Surgical instruments can be made already printers titanium using 3 D. Printing in 3D will be interesting in the future probably also great for households, depending on further development and marketing of 3D driven printers. Then you can print purchased at home probably directly online or self-designed products such as tableware and jewelry. Entry-level DSLR models from simple 3D printers there is already less than 1000 euros to buy.