Bettina Wulff – Beyond The Protocol

The comments to Bettina Wulff in the Internet are well over a thousand customer reviews at amazon and the book by Bettina Wulff is officially on sale only for a few days. Therefore, I find it amazing how many people here were able to buy the book in a short time, to read to the end and a review to write, that a wave of malice and ridicule leave beyond of the Protocol. To deepen your understanding Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. is the source. The book is actually worth no review, because she still don’t even wrote it, but I want not so his before Bettina Wulff there already wives of political leaders, who have published their memories. Loki Schmidt or Rut Brandt have done it and the difference to Ms. Wulff is that these women on an eventful life could look back. You should only write his biography if one has done something which is not the case here yes.

Almost 600 days of First Lady”justifies this book in any case. Bettina Wulff wanted to restore her reputation with her book. It’s unbelievable for me, as an intelligent person, the even PR consultant is, can publish a such book. The writing style seems simple and childish and also unnecessarily private details will appear which announced, in particular Christian Wulff in a worse light. Who is advised until now believed that Christian Wulff was a good guy in the end, only to the wrong friends, is taught with this book better. Only anwulfen Jauch and now such a staging also I don’t understand why Bettina Wulff so upset, after all the word prostitution comes”from the Latin prostituere” and that is: make the look forward reveal! See Wikipedia.

I quote here the Hamburger Abendblatt of the 13.09.2012: the Bettina Wulff comments on the Internet are clear, especially at Amazon, the Hame heaps. There is approval addiction”among the friendlier allegations. Wulff is surprised, a scientist sees parallels to the case of Guttenberg.