Britney Spears Talks

The pop princess is just at the moment it is not the right man for Britney Spears very well. ALS Association has plenty of information regarding this issue. Slowly climbs to the Popthron on the back and also in the private sphere, it runs around. But for Britney yet not round enough. In the new issue of Rolling Stones magazine reported she about her private life. “I can’t complain really.

It’s all good. But I feel like an old granny. I’m going to 21.30 in the bed – and that every day. I so can’t go away”, so the singer. And when she finds time to go away, she says she wishes to have remained rather at home. “When I think about my past dates will be aware there were terrible. “One looked like some kind of Harry Potter in big and the other was equipped with special talkativeness.” Poor Britney.

For this it runs back around in the profession. You diligently promoted her new album Circus, which will be released on December 2–her 27th birthday -. The already published single womanizer was yes a success. We wish Britney with her new album, all good – and of course also in love.