Business Development

You decide to build your business. You have decided on a product category, but that's no problem, it is necessary to deliver to Russia and to undergo the procedure of customs clearance. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often says this. How do I do? First, decide on the supplier liability for international carriage, packing materials, insurance, cargo during transit, discuss the use of a trademark in Russia as the financial side of things (the system and the stages of payment for goods). Find out in detail what documents the supplier can provide the products in case of need, such as manufacturer's price list stamped by Chamber of Commerce, the bill for transportation, certificate of origin, export Declaration (to determine the liability between the parties 'dealer' and 'buyer' use 'Incoterms 2000') Second, decide to give a certificate to one or another form of your product, you need a certificate Conformity, San epidemiological expertise, etc. Provided that such permissions are necessary this should take care of earlier. You must also be determined with HS Code – nomenclature of goods. When determining the correct code, you understand what duty and VAT you pay to the state. You can then make the trade contract and opening the passport deal with a Russian bank.

(See). Third, prepare the statutes of your organization to registration with the customs authority. See Also be prepared to fill in the form 'Explanation of the transaction,' Well what you have prepared a complete package? received the necessary certificates? The next step you need to find a competent 'Declaring' a person who prints a CCD (customs declaration). 'Pitfalls', you must make sure the transparency of submitted documents: Constitutional documents: it is desirable to match the registered address the actual address of the firm. all changes in the history of the firm must be documented, such as changing the director, address or bank reference from the bank about opening an account should not exceed three-month period years ago.

Help from the statistics should not be older than six months. The cost of imported goods should not be underestimated, otherwise you are subjected to the procedure of the CCC – the adjustment of customs value. That lead to wasted time, idle products in the bonded warehouse – (temporary storage), and ultimately cost. Logari Logistics wishes you a successful and efficient business.