Car Rental Cuba – the fastest growing on Cuba industry is tourism. The Cuba-the fastest growing industry is tourism, because despite the global economic situation, Cuba still is a very popular vacation and holiday destination of travellers from all over the world. Especially in the area of individual tourism in Cuba on your own to explore, the travel industry has made a great leap forward. Filed under: The University of Chicago. The fact that the prices for car rental on Cuba are currently very cheap in addition of course. This is noticeable not only in booking a single vehicle, but also in programs such as a Mietwagerundreise or Flexy drive.

The attractive package of drive of of Flexy, Hotelvouchern and a car gets me a booklet where travellers, invites a particularly for exploring the island, because it is completely free and can drive the next accommodation depending on the place of residence from the supplied list of hotel in the design of the itinerary. Here comes a voucher then from the booklet to the usage. Many Cuba tour operators consider the tour suggestions Travelers willing. So also the Cuba specialist SoliArenas from Eschweiler. Under you will find everything to the Flexy drive program and to rent a car. Of course get there also the mandatory flights and transfers, if desired.