Cristina Psychological Heinzmann

Anguish, different forms to pronounce of the person Meaning that the distressed person, are a person who suffers, and according to she acts in his life of routine character with that suffering is what makes different from each person. That pain are them react denying, burying it in the deep layers of its inner world, and they separate of him, not feeling it, because without doubts taking contact with this one makes them vivenciar itself vulnerable and is something that is not arranged to experiment. On the other hand there are people who before the anguish, and altogether contact with that inner pain, put all potentialities in operation and create the most productive expressions of which they are able, this in the order of the art, the work, the production, of the daily activity, the profession; in short, they are people for who the contact with the pain that produces the anguish to them, removes to shine their majors creative and operative possibilities. There are and them who before the anguish fear, feel much fear to that this produces a bad major to them, stay out, they become on themselves and of that anguish and the anxiety that this produces to them, all type of thoughts and lucubrations all of them related to the negative, with catastrophic and desequilibrantes triggering factors, takes a to them to lock in itself on themselves, not to act, and to enlarge the original anxiety and anguishes still more, and as much sometimes that usually they get to also sicken as much of attacks of anguish (panic attacks) and of anxiety and depression. Whereas other people before the anguish, become disconnected separate of this one pain, and live their life without no contact with what she makes them suffer.

BUT what we do not have to stop seeing, to observe, it is that each way and she forms to act are the ways in which this one subject with anguish indicates its way of reaction or not before the same, but according to is this one the form in which that is distressed opposite or not it situation she shows the structure to us of his psychic and mental world, his possibility of health and strength or its impossibility of reacting with balance, and health before a situation that him bankruptcy, because she cannot maintain itself in those healthy and fortified aspects of his personality, because these are not or because they are very weak and they do not reach to maintain itself to him in them. BECAUSE daily facts and circumstances happen that to the person put to him on approval, and all before these circumstances do not become distressed, are frightened, NO, they do only it that are or they have certain vulnerability to face these circumstances that the life in its daily newspaper and to pass, declares. Lic. Cristina Psychological Heinzmann.Centro To share. Original author and source of the article