Domestic Cats

In the modern metropolis, in a fast pace of life, the person sometimes just need some sort of outlet in the form of a pet that will always meet you after a hard day, you will always be genuinely happy, and at the same time, there may be enough nenazoylivym. Although the nature of course, pets, like people, all completely different. The easiest way, of course, to get a kitten or adult cat or a cat, there could be at amateur))). But then the question arises – how to choose a kitten? Believe me, the question seems very simple, but it is not so. Need to approach it with all the thoroughness, otherwise the choice and your decision may disappoint you! After all, kittens, mongrel or pedigree, all are of different nature. Of course, thoroughbred choose a kitten by the nature of a lot easier, because each species is inherent in his character – from podushkolezhaki "runner-up all-uronyatelya))). In this If you just need to apply to the breeders you are interested in the breed. Once your new pet will come to your home, you may encounter problems on to teach a kitten to a toilet.

And even if an adult male or female, may a problem to teach the cat to the toilet. Here, importantly, do not get frustrated and give up. Believe me, even the tiniest kitten has a brain))). Remember the most important points: do not overdo the punishment, or kitten or cat will be afraid of you, so you can spoil everything, and, of course, be stubborn cat and believe in the success of the operation))). Kitten repay you the same attitude as you do to him. Together you will achieve exactly that feeling that is described in beginning of article))). In addition to the above potential problems, often the question arises – what to feed a kitten? There are so many opinions, and where the truth – to find out is almost impossible because every breeder almost from the foam his mouth is to prove that it was his feeding system is correct, and no more. Listen to your breeder. All the same, then you do everything in his own ))))). I wish you success in your undertakings, a series of articles about kittens and cats are not completed).