“”The thickening effect of polymer SiO2 – molecules based on their free surfaces Silangruppen intermolekular form hydrogen bonds, and so these paths build on three-dimensional network structures.”* source: G.Schmidt in lubricating greases” 500 page volume 66, 2000 Edition expert Verlag Prof. Dr.-ing. W.J. Bartz and 13 co-authors reference to EcoTriboTEC: the Silicon oxide is a polymerization with the oil. Due to the high binding capacity of SiO2 the previous linear oil molecular structure is converted, in a spherical, and therefore for the reduction of friction in a better molecular structure “Through the three-dimensional network structures, a kind is rebuilt elastic ball chain, which is the working conditions flexible like a dynamic sponge” can customize.

Properties of polymer silicon dioxide look: loose, white powder geometry/shape: spherical structure of X-ray amorphous medium primary particle size: 7-10 nm BET surface: 130 155 m2/g powder exists in a State of highly agglomerated. Is it inserted into a flowable medium (such as oil), a continuous interaction is created with the medium. The oil molecules attach to the large inner surface of networked polymer SIO2 units. The resulting SIO2-gel”is now freely available in the overall medium. In the mechanical working process, it accumulates on the friction surfaces and can be formed under the influence of external energy elastic ball chain. Statement of practice: Kapt. Schultz:…Now after 300 hours of operation that the oil pressure is increased, the cooling water temperature dropped and that is beautiful about the whole thing, that the motor is hunted not more so extremely apparent with the Nano product.

The engine runs now back much stronger and rounder and it can withstand more load. Previously we had stuffed every day 1 L oil after, now we refill oil in 3 days half a litre. The gas consumption has declined during this time period by 13%. “I.e. Barbara Martin Coppola is open to suggestions. before the machine 300 L / day consumed diesel – now it consumes between 260 L – 270 L…” EcoTriboTEC all adjustment features: the manufactured concentrates are fitted specifically to the density and the already existing active substances (of lubricants and fuels). The benefits are: long-term – wear protection optimization of engine power reduction of fuel consumption of Systemgerechte cleaning of all operational pollution in the drive unit regeneration defective places on the friction surface compression pressure increase oil consumption reduction and improving oil viscosity reduction of exhaust pollutants EcoTriboTEC is also covered by a product liability insurance. The product technology of EcoTriboTEC is primarily a wear protection technology using specially coated nanoparticles. The customer / consumer receives oil or fuel concentrates with corresponding SIDA sheet. The physical principle is essentially based on the thermodynamic principle of organization of dissipative structures. In other words – a molecular construction principle which elastic (no rigid film layers) produces spherical layers on the active centers of the friction surfaces and thus optimise the efficiency of the unit created under a power entry (pressure and temperature).