Everything Times

The starchy passer-bys badly have time to stop to give an alms and, they will say: The life is thus. Each one in its square. Two completely different realities. The chaos that if it installs is corroding of imperceptible form all the system. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is open to suggestions. It is looked to after know of the life the death, but, if it disdains the life while it is lived. It is tried to search the sky, all the cost, but, it is walked directly for the hell.

The fondness frantic a perfect body? bombado? , the plastic surgeries have taken the human being, independent of the sex, to an insanity state. It is if dying. One transfers hours front screen of a computer or television, however, does not create a moment, one minute at least to look at the face of who if it loves. But, the life is thus. One speaks very common is that? you the same a person, I only go to be happy in the eternity. This expression for times is of interrogative form or affirmative, but, of any form it can be thought that the instrument can be sharpened to all hour, all moment.

To hear the sounds of the proper interior can in exactly disclosing the magic to them that is the life, when in adversity time. To the times we are prisoners of we ourselves. The life is made of moments and, for times it does not perceive those that make the life to be valid to the penalty, and penalty here not in the direction of suffering or punishment, but, of being able to live deeply the event, to delight with each fact, look stops backwards and seeing that while in this world of God the day travelling was constructive and that when starting to feel homesicknesses of the time that time does not have, of sins and nos, power to cry not of sadnesses, but, of joys, satisfaction. An easy way does not exist, nor real, however, it does not have an end to search an intention to live itself with serenity, an interior peace, a joy and a capacity to love and to be loved. Pra exists a time everything. ‘ ‘ Everything has its determined time, and underneath has time for all intention of the sky: it has time of being born and time to die; planting season and time to pull out what it was stood; time to kill and time to cure; time to throw down and time to build; time to cry and time to laugh; time of prantear and time to jump of joy; time to spread rocks and time to gather rocks; time to keep and time to lie down outside; time to tear and time to sew; time to be silenced and time of speaking; time to love and time annoying; time of war and time of peace ‘ ‘. This is the time that does not have time.