But this calls for criteria on the meaning of freedom and contemporary society can not give them because you don’t want to have an answer on the meaning of human life. In somehow, thinks that, if someone supports an answer to that question, is would limit their freedom; but the reality is that what happens is that elude this vital issue is entering in a vicious circle that leads, as determined the existential emptiness and being to nothing ultimately consider what exposes us Center holistic Helios, which must find meaning to life, is of vital importance, in any other way. We might be easy prey to the false senses. Not occupy us in finding the meaning of our own life, we could feel a void inside us. In this case exist, but we wouldn’t know why or for what. And this is something that we have to solve on our own, because nobody can tell us which is the purpose of our human existence, much less how to make the most of our potential. At Newcastle University you will find additional information. For that we need first to know us. Keep in mind, that a vacuum is always filled, the universe does not allow gaps, and very deeply us nor We believe in them.

In the absence of a true meaning and purpose in life, we will find some else with that fill that assumption vacuum, and in doing so we will be giving it back (although only momentarily) to our inner impulse that motivates us to look within ourselves for answers. On the contrary, we chose a false sense and expand up to believe that we fill our lives. In this way we choose to believe that we don’t need to deal with find meaning to our existence. That makes us feel more comfortable, at least for a time we are told, is to find specific answers to the questions what is life?, and what I came to do here?. It is of particular answers because we need answers that serve us to us. I.e., each human being touches you find their own answers, to each of which touches you discover their own truth. What is useful for one may not make sense for another, and what is significant for the latter may lack of value for the first. Perhaps to ask these questions for the first time might seem to us as something outside our scope, and reserved exclusively for the great philosophers. But, the greatest philosophers understood that this is a single task, which is demonstrated in the ancient phrase know thyself; with which far from pretend to have the answers for all mankind, they motivated each individual to find his truth.