Food for Diabetics

Feeding for Diabetic Aspects for homeosttica maintenance der Assis Vieira 1.Introduo diabetes mellitus, is a chronic, genetic and hereditary illness, but the addition of some factors can be developed or not as, between them the obesidade, certain endcrinos riots and the abusive use of simple carboidratos in the diet, with a wrong feeding. This illness, can become serious and the individual to develop renais, ocular, neurological and cardiovascular problems. 2.Alimentao for Diabetic the prevalence of diabetes has if raised vertiginously and the habitual diet he is one of the main passveis determinative factors of modification in the prevention of not-transmissible chronic illnesses (DCNT). Evidences on the paper of the quality of the carboidratos of the diet in the risk for diabetes type 2 have been considered inconsistentes. The evidences suggest that a rich diet in integral and vegetal cereals, in detriment of the consumption of fine cereals, sacarose frutose, can exert a protective paper for diabetes. 3.Cuidados Basic Mudanas of alimentary habits: Alimentary plain O must in accordance with be adjusted the age, sex, physical activity, sociocultural illnesses, habits, economic situation and availability of foods.

Devem to fracionar the meals, objectifying the harmonic distribution of foods, preventing concentrations of carboidratos in each meal, reducing, thus, the risk of hipo and hiperglicemia. Incentivar the alimentary staple fibre consumption (fruits, vegetables, vegetables, integral leguminosas and cereals)? they become the absorption of the gradual sugar slowest and. Evitar rich foods in saturated fat and cholesterol (fats of animal origin. Evitar frituras in general, also with margarinas or vegetal cream, process that oxidation produces. Evitar simple carboidratos (honey, sugar, garapa, melado, rapadura, cooling, compotes and candies in general). Produtos diet and/or ligth, not they are dietary. Diet is formulated with exemption/reduction of some component that can be sugar or another one as fat, for example. Ligth is formulated with exemption/fat reduction, normally having reduced the amount of calories.