Frying Fat Fry

Frying oil is a special mixture used for cooking various foods. It is well known that the Frying oil can contain large amounts of hazardous substances. And this is connected primarily with its misuse. By itself, Frying oil is a mixture of various vegetable and animal fats (today used a few basic recipes.) During frying Frying oil is heated in a fall food particles, it contacts the surface of used dishes, and as a result, it includes a process of change. Form new substances, there are changes in physical properties, and Frying fat turns into dangerous to the health product. Frying oil loses its quality, not only when used incorrectly, but also in violation of its storage.

In particular, it can absorb odors, rancid flavor. Frying fat gets many harmful properties, if it is kept in too warm room. But the greatest danger lies in the fact that the Frying oil used repeatedly. As a result, the last batch of products cooked in a mixture absorb huge amounts of harmful substances. Already during the first heating Frying fat formed in the oxidation products, which are getting the food into the body, irritates digestive tract and can cause a variety of inflammatory diseases. If the Frying oil used repeatedly, then it will collect not only the substances but also carcinogens, and their concentration is very high. Of course, refuse to fried foods is impossible – it has too many fans around the world.

Therefore, various techniques are being developed that improve the quality of Frying fat, make it safe for health. For example, there are special additives that reduce the formation of harmful substances, improving the physical and chemical characteristics, which has the Frying fat. Such additives can also make product tastes better, help to form a crispy crust, reduce the time required for cooking. Frying fat, which is used in combination with these substances, becomes the basis for a healthier and more safe food.