Georgian President Saakashvili

Who is responsible for the behavior of drivers, "minibuses"? The fact that passenger transport is required, beyond doubt. His services used daily by countless numbers of people. Thanks to him, you can relatively quickly get into anywhere in the city. Own route "Gazelle" and buses are made with the latest technology, convenient and comfortable. And for their state government agencies constantly monitor.

But why, then, every day more passengers traveling to see "shuttles" unsafe for human life and health? This question is answered, pretty woman, previously wrote two articles in the newspaper, expressing dissatisfaction with the policy of Georgian President Saakashvili against South Ossetia and its collusion with the U.S.. Once secretary of the Komsomol organization, and now a veteran of World War II and labor, disability group II, a retired Vera Polovinina and proposed name for this article. – I would not make public this issue – she says – though to me there was a similar incident the first time. Two years ago, I earned an injury, when, sitting on a seat near the door, facing the driver face, after his a sharp deceleration from the seat fell and hit his foot against the iron leg of one of three seats, located behind the driver. Until now, I wear a big lump on the tibia, in memory of that trip.

The other day something happened again like. September 1, when the city celebrated the anniversary, I was returning home to "minibus." The driver did not differ ability to safely drive a car. During the trip from the cabin sounded in his address complaints and dissatisfaction on the part of passengers. At the next stop took two guys. Soon had to go to me. I decided to transfer to the first seat by the door behind the driver so that later, his long without stopping, to leave room, because he was in a hurry.