German Beach

The Amazon Kindle is becoming increasingly popular – also to read books on the beach. Cardiologist is often quoted as being for or against this. Soon, the holiday season starts again. Then million German citizens will make again in the holidays. Often result in the vacation on the beach. This time something will be but most likely different than during the previous holiday. As more and more households have an eReader like the Amazon Kindle. Since the launch of the Apple iPad in early 2010 these small tablets spread explosively.

Who was recently once at the airport, or on the train, can not even imagine that there are still people without these devices. Amazon is advertising a lot, that the Kindle has a better display than the Apple iPad. This applies with regard to the readability in sunlight. Who has ever tried to read from an iPad in bright sunshine, can confirm sure this from bitter experience. But with take on the beach, it’s still not done with the Kindle. Because there he is exposed to a lot of dangers, that he should be protected in advance.

First, it applies the Kindle with a Kindle bag against falls fit to make. On the beach, the sand should be while soft, but on the way from hotel to the beach you have to wear a lot. Often is stuck to towel, sunscreen and Kindle just under the arm and is on the way. After a few minutes it loosens the grip something, and already it has happened. To prevent that the Kindle in a fall on a hard floor takes damage, you should always keep bag him in a special Kindle. But also on the beach, yet dangers lurk. The grains of sand are unfortunately everywhere and very sharp. They are so sharp that they can inflict deep scratches on the sensitive display. Therefore the Kindle should be located during the inactivity in a Pocket lockable with a zipper. Thus, it is ensured that no grains of sand accidentally get wide on the display. The plastic back cover is quite sensitive for scratches. Who wants to sell its Kindle maybe sometime, should also make sure that he is still in very good condition is. You can’t do anything against a last risk unfortunately. Directly on the beach, there are a lot Pilferer, who take advantage of every opportunity for the theft. Whether you just eindost or even in the water without his Tablet, this long finger are always ready to take the Kindle itself. However, even the best Kindle can’t help bag! Gertrud Hilscher