How Effective Display Mode

The same applies to any item you want to imagine. In the previous article "invite you to reflect how much of what you do in your life is on autopilot. Now I wonder what would happen if you started to act according to your will rather than your gut, if you live each day according to the objectives you want to achieve rather than reacting involuntarily as you? For example, if quiet you're walking down a street a little dark, and is a thief takes your wallet, your natural reaction may be insulting, pull and struggle with him, etc. a> for more clarity on the issue. However, if rationally expect (visualize) the situation and know that it could even cost you your life, would not risk so much for so little? Even when you have millions of dollars "worth your life? Without being as extremists, think of a situation now in your own life where you tend to lose control. Suppose that every time you start playing a song "prickly" with your partner, end up in an argument. Now analyze what generated this discussion, how both are capable of crossing the bridge that separates (or unites) speaking in higher pitch and end fighting, generating negative feelings toward one another.

To change this, I propose the following visualization exercise, which is one of the more than 100 exercises that you will find in me: 1) Find a relaxed place, where nobody will bother you during the next 10 minutes 2) Breathe slowly, close your eyes and relax your body is following the lead that we saw in class 1. 3) Now, following step by step instructions on "How " of NLP Course thinks you want to change that situation. In our case, this talk will be discussed and then becomes a fight. Ben Dark: the source for more info. Do it with as much detail as possible: colors, smells, noise, etc. 4) Look, now you're out of that discussion, what do each of the characters for "add fuel to the fire" to be creating the right climate for this is over "exploding in the air." 5) Open your eyes: they think should be changed so that the situation otherwise ends, the way you want? Record your findings and then perform the exercise again, but this time, imagining and visualizing what you are doing right, what did you think of the previous point. Now, in your imagination, the situation changes? Is it better? If you do not get result you expected, then again think about what you should have done in your mind to succeed and obtain what they wanted.

Think back to what it is, until you achieve that outcome in mind. Everything, absolutely everything that exists and you can see, began in the mind, the thought of someone. The natural thing it was in the "intelligence" of our Creator. And everything that makes the man, was first in his imagination. So I want from today, and over the next seven days, learn how to visualize the life you want in a creative way, voluntary, deliberate. Do not let your life imagine. Think you first and make it reality. You will see that in a very short time you will notice positive changes in you and others will too. I guarantee that it will. In a later discussion I shall return to this issue. I invite you to express your comments below .. Thanks for being on the other side! Love! Sofia