First we must consider that the light within the water is different that in the surface for that reason when we take a photo we do not have to be upon the objective (element to which we are going to him to take the photo) and that the light must give in him. Clearly also we can use the Flash of the camera but it deals with not making it with the fish not to disturb them much. If these Diving and you want to remove photos to him to people, tries from which they are near a chorale, rock or object so that it serves to you as reference. Also deals that when you are going to remove the photo no they are hurling the air when breathing, since the bubbles interfere with the image and it is not seen well. In order to take the photos to the fish it is another history, they do not put for the photos and if some of you you know of whom avsenme puts please, because this is the most difficult part of the submarine photography.

Then How we must take the photo to the fish? When we dived we must take a calm and relaxed position. The divers we must take a position Hydrodynamics, that is to say, we did not interfere with the current of the water. Good to take the photos to the fish we must have a little luck and patience to secure the best photos. Finally and less important we do not have to take care of the marine life and not to take from the sea things for our memory like chorales, clams or things thus. They imagine that each person took a small piece from chorale, then in less than a year we would not have the beautiful things that there are in the depths of the sea. Greetings to all.