Private Health Insurance PKV

When can I submit invoices or how long I need to pay until I have full insurance coverage? A question repeatedly asked and unfortunately on the Internet and some statutory health insurance companies consciously or unconsciously as false information spread. To answer this question terms should of course never be clear. Therefore, the first question is: what are waiting and what are they used for? Latency is the time of the Beitragszahlung(spflicht) and the commencement of the actual insurance cover insurance start / start. The latencies are to divide into a so-called general waiting period and a specific waiting period. The time limits in terms of patterns to the health insurance (MB KK) are regulated. The general waiting period is 3 months.

For some services, this waiting time is not valid. These include the maternity, psychotherapy, dental, dentures and orthodontics. The special waiting period, which lasts 8 months then applies these costs. The sense of who was waiting earlier is avoiding accumulated need for treatment. Persons who do not imagine, (or very poor) are insured. The idea may come from a degree or entering a better insurance protection that have to wait with the one or the other treatment, then you can settle them Yes.

These risks would like to avoid the insurer, because then higher contributions would collected in aggregate. But since nobody psychotherapy 8 months in advance plans has it is the model with the waiting time “considering”. I’m switching from the statutory health insurance (GKV) in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). How long must I wait until I get services? We also find the rules, in terms of patterns. A look is necessary in the section 3, for it says: that is demonstrably there continuously. (5) persons who withdraw from the statutory health insurance, insurance time put credit on the waiting. Prerequisite is, that the insurance was applied for no later than two months after the previous insurance and the Insurance protection in deviation from article 2 para 1 in the aftermath to begin.