Professional Styling

The experts gave Wella styling products unique to women with Wellaflex by 'laying the Restoration', which allows the installation to remain natural and emphasize your every move, but at the same time, maintaining flexibility and restoring its original shape. Styling products Wellaflex with the formula 'Recovery stacking' give the freedom to make any movement and unparalleled look at all day long without worrying about packing. For Professional stylists to create stylish styling easy. It is much harder to make it such that the hair look natural and elastic at the same time maintain fixation for a long time. The line of styling products for home use, created by experts Wella, was developed in order to give and preserve the natural elasticity and packing in the day.

Formula 'Recovery stacking' consists of a combination of polymers High quality, creating a flexible connection between the hair. This polymer forms an invisible network of communication among the hair, which helps maintain the structure of the hair shape, to be protected and look natural. The entire line of styling Product Wellaflex gives freedom of movement for its customers through a unique 'recovery formula styling. " Rene Rast, head of scientific communication Wellaflex: 'It is very difficult to keep fresh installation if you do not use styling products. Foam packing Wellaflex strong fixation allows you to lay your hair on a daily basis at home, so they look elastic, as if you're just out of the cabin.

This beautiful, firm fixation gives consumer product with which they can update the styling, made a stylist. " Alex Breuer, a leading stylist Wellaflex, working with stars such as Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell and Melanie B: 'It is not enough to create a beautiful style in salon or at home, if he lasts until the first step into the street. My clients want to look good in a long time, while not fixing their hair to a state of woodiness, or correcting and re-creating styling in throughout the day. Proper use of the product, your hair will move with you, staying natural and returning to the original, desired by you, shape '. Now for your hair there is no prohibition! You can do things you love, no matter whether it's skating rink, swings or normal rest on the couch – 'Formula recovery stacking' of Wellaflex always return your hair to its original shape. And Wellaflex makes it as easy and natural, as if we were talking about a simple pillow. Throughout history, Wella, its experts were guided by the opinion and advice of professionals, and desires of consumers by creating unique products and embodying the most courageous fantasy. Today, users can Wellaflex not have to worry about, like maybe for a long time to keep her hair beautiful, resilient, does not lose the original shape, and thus alive.