Pulpitis And Periodontitis

In this article we will be able to understand what is pulpitis and periodontitis, which are much more worried about us than other diseases of the mouth. Pulpitis – a defeat of dental hard tissues, with the involvement of inflammation in the nerve (pulp). Tissues surrounding the tooth is not utilized. Periodontitis – all the same thing as above, but the nerve was killed and tissues surrounding the teeth (periodontitis), are in the inflammation (and than explained by the pain of nakusyvanii per tooth). Signs The typical diagnostic signs of periodontal disease to periodontitis: – identification of the disease mainly in people aged 30-40 years – there is bleeding from the gums for several years – bespokoyuschy gum or periodontal pocket – an inflammatory process dominated by catarrhal gums, inflamed mouth sores, swollen gums – destructive changes of bone tissue between the teeth of partitions defined on the radiograph; – the presence of various clinical symptoms: shakiness teeth, their displacement, pain, disruption, etc. – a significant amount of tooth deposits. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go. The disease is chronic, as well as the acute stage. The Chronicle in turn, has three stages: mild, moderate and severe.

How to treat pulpitis With the use of modern drugs (meaning 'Arsenic') is also undergoing treatment in a single visit with mandatory anesthesia. Caries hard tissue are removed, and an inflamed nerve, too (it can be observed in several teeth) and root canals (at this point is nerve) are sealed or specialized pastoyili different pins, or a combination thereof. Then it is necessary to put an ordinary filling. Periodontitis treated with curative process as a whole is similar to the treatment of pulpitis, but significant inflammation, with the presence of pus, sometimes have to just remove remnants of the dead nerve, you must assign the patient rinse and medications (up to that time, as will be sharpening), and seal the channel and put the final seal in your next visit. With severe cases the tooth should be deleted. Consequences of pulpitis in a few days can pain nakusyvanii on the tooth surface. After some time, the tooth often vary in color. Consequences The consequences of periodontitis are identical as in the treatment of pulpitis (see above).

May develop a slight swelling. In the treatment carried out normally, if you previously had a fistula, it should disappear. Supplement Normally teeth affected pulpitis and periodontitis have a large presence cavities, causing them to split, in Independence is in filling them or not, there is a need to put the crown. Also teeth bolevshie periodontitis can resume the painful symptoms again when supercooling, trauma, etc., which often leads to their removal.