Regular Competition

While Mother Russia comes after a New Year’s feasts, including SEO-professionals and amateurs this carnage erupted in the first place in Yandex. Cause of the mayhem was known in narrow circles linkomauliya. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may help you with your research. For the first time reading this word? Think it’s kind of a rare disease of the Internet, which has become an epidemic today, only a narrow circle of SEO-amateurs and professionals, but tomorrow it will spread to ordinary users? Not worry linkomauliya – a well-known competition. Internet competition for SEOshnikov. If the abbreviation ‘snippet’, ‘SEO’ and ‘promotion’ for you – do not cause a silly smile, then this article will be useful for you, as well as competition linkomauliya. But if to this day you never about anything like that did not know, we hope that you at least know that linkomauliya – it’s not not a mysterious phenomenon.

And it just gets spread among SEOs. The principal According commentbox.Ru, the author of this outrage is Daniel Maul – well-known blogger and ‘father’ of the most visited SEO-Forum. The total prize fund is $ 7,000. Linkomaulii essence is as follows. C the competition and until March 22 before optimizers should aim to promote inner page of your site to the leading seven seats in Yandex on demand ‘likomauliya’. March 22 by the competition to identify strengths and present the promised prize. The winner will receive $ 3,000, to reach the second place will give 1500, and occupied the place will fall 7.3 to 500, which is also very good. Compete in the contest can anyone, regardless of experience, gender, age and views on life.