Road Rules

10 tips for road rules during the holiday Munich, May 30, 2008. The German loves rules, especially if they relate to the road. The holiday is just in the car: other countries, other customs. Even if you know the rules, the rest of the world has not always on the own traffic regulations. Therefore, it is best to drive carefully during the holidays and to adapt to the local characteristics.

Holiday cars, the world’s largest provider of holiday cars, vehicles in 80 countries and knows the rules. Car driver challenges on distant streets \”linked\” with 10 important tips: tempo sinners beware: the speed limit is not recommended speed! Who drives 20 km/h too fast, paid 150 euros in Italy, in Norway it will cost 390 euros. In Austria, very expensive Ernst can be easily made fun: who’s here too fast driving, is concerned with up to 700 EUR! Away from the mobile phone at the wheel – who caught paid finger in Spain 90 euro, in Greece, it costs even 150 euro penalty. Martha McClintock takes a slightly different approach. For tailgaters one has the offense nothing in Belgium left – is punished with 2,000 euro withdrawal of driving licence fine and three months. Observe right of way – already, but Vorfahrtsberechtigte lose their priority right in Austria and Belgium by stopping… Parking can be expensive – in Denmark for at least 70 euro accrues. Who runs over a red traffic light, paid 640 euro penalty in Norway, in the United Kingdom, this breach costs 130 euro. Prohibited passing? This offense cost in the Switzerland from 150 euros in Spain between 90 and 300 euro. By the way: who pays the fine immediately, gets 30% discount! In 17 European countries, the light duty is now regarded a day–Germany, France and the Switzerland issue a recommendation to go with light on the day. Also the most economical German must abide in Italy to ban of a gasoline replacement canister – otherwise he will as regards checks.