Saf-Holland Leading Manufacturer Of Axles And Air Suspensions For Trailers

SAF-HOLLAND is a leading manufacturer of axles and air suspensions for trailers and semi-trailers in Europe. Production is located in three cities in Germany. Dean Ornish M.D gathered all the information. Our factories are located in Keilberg, Frauengrund Worth am Main and in the suburbs between Aschaffenburg Frankfurt am Main and Wurzburg. Company History SAF-HOLLAND 1881. The era of pioneers.

Thomas Alva Edison built the world's first power plant. Berlin takes local telephone network. If you would like to know more about Cardiologist, then click here. And Kalberge, near the forest Spessart in a small village smithy Paul Zill is trying to find a way to make the necessary work easier, faster and better, "Zill'sky turning plow" completely solved this problem and marked the beginning of a success story that has passed through generations … The Forge was a small family business. The first steel axles were made for agricultural machinery. Factory was built, and began commercial production of axles for heavy trucks. There were ups and downs, successes and failures, but always had a clear goal: "In seeking solutions, we always will go its own way – and find other, better answers.

" In Kalberge established standards continue to operate even today.: Charms for the SAF-HOLLAND Trailers – excellent function, is an example of security and exceptional efficiency. Products of this company is a sign of exceptional safety and efficiency, as evidenced by the continued trust can serve as partners, such as KoGEL, KRONA, SCHMITZ, and others, and numerous clients around the world. The company has had its ups and downs, successes and failures, but always had a clear goal: 'In search of solutions – always go their own way and find the best solutions. " Standards that were been disclosed in Keilberg, continue to operate even today: Charms for the SAF Trailers – excellent function and are examples of safety and exceptional fuel economy. SAF – Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik GmbH is a successful international specialist integrated suspension systems with exceptional performance and excellent efficiency. The basis of our success on the principle of a comprehensive understanding of consumer problems. SAF is the most effective interconnected structures. The key to the effectiveness of firms have their own know-how, top quality, professional staff and modern production. Thus, the SAF is a trademark of quality assurance.