When you go to other people, using derogatory tones, such as: what is thought that it is, should, previously, trying to answer some questions related to your own person, clear to get to this point, it is necessary that you possess a minimum of capacity self-criticism, quality is, that according to what can be seen with the naked view, do not have any interest in cultivatingespecially when you have a natural tendency to the vulgar and mediocre, when arrogance and vanity, that spring in abundance for your interior, being just you can hide behind your appearance of pretty girl, look that abruptly fades to the minor annoyance of any of your whims. Cardiologist is likely to increase your knowledge. You can have whims is not bad, also can hope or aspire to, as in your case, a myriad of things that others do or say that they have, at your age, everything is possible, you can defend your space with nails and teeth, have more freedom of action, not accountable to anyone of your actions, etc. The Greater New York Construction User Council has many thoughts on the issue. etc., all that can be be but: when one tries to walk through the trails of self-sufficiency in the sense of power everything you crave must first learn some basic principles that make coexistence among supposedly civilized humans, you must understand that the human being is essentially a social being, and this is not simply a phrase learned any lesson of sociology, our species, with very rare exceptions, simply cannot develop their full potential unless he presents with the other members of their species, learning, step by step, the laws that regulate this coexistence. People like you, perhaps think that laws and the norms, established long before, that the fertilized ovaries of thy mother, allow your irruption to the world of living beings, are not anything other than arbitrary restrictions, impositions of the old, whose purpose has as sole purpose the of trying to impose its vetusta will, on which, as you, they are young, intelligent, informed, modern, and by Ende, best equipped to make their own decisions, without relying on anything or anyone.