Silhouette Poems Loving

POEMS FOR THE LOVING SILHOUETTE. Each smile of yours, let love flow. Roses that dance on your skin, say me that you are mine. Once more sigh for you, because you know that evenings bring your beautiful fragrance and there is no part of your lips have not kissed up to quench my thirst. The breeze is so tender, so cute, so beautiful, delicate, so full of your silhouette, so full of your being. That I can not contain the gaze to see how your eyes shine to know my skin. Your distance is so sad and so warm. That leaves me, your slightest fragrance.

You smell incense to the aroma of the goddesses. Your touch cover the satisfaction of my senses and lull them, bathe them, care for them. Will that be it rose mine if you lack the tenderness and love of my refuge. You’re passion, loving torrent, Warrior fight virtue talented passionate woman. The footprints of your skin reminds me of the rubbing of your looks, which play and entertain in my heart, while the morning light makes me see your warm smile.

And I tell you once more, that you’re mine. Situations, are for you, exploits of gods. The difficulties represent each lost war and many WINS. Now that my soul dance and dance, I love silhouettes so that they cover the smoothness of your neck. Each distance runs infinitude of springs and they conquer every part of your territory. Divine Moon, my beloved, beautiful woman. You are what you are, I am what I am. We have managed to win in love. We are talented, the art we know, we know the key, we embrace the fidelity. Fly with me beyond the sea, beyond the universe. Where the looks we contemplate and tell you that you are loved, unconditional and diligent woman. With each loss sadness mil won, with each desolation a song that shouts you heart that are mine. Sleep, sleeping, while I Lullaby your tender heart. While the natural happiness clock screams us. fidelity, fidelity. Oh love, or if you’re mine. The end.. Jose ORLANDO MELO NARANJO for Princess LIZETH loving treasure. I feel that dance in the song of love and say that nothing will be prevented for the two. With a smile I tell you that I love you, that afternoon to an is young and tender and precious years because even these here. And I’m so in love with you, that time has been the best treasure to take care of you. Remind me, splitting, and dreams with me that I swear that you hare laugh. That you clamp and hare that fall into my arms so you can not go away never more. When you do mourn, your tears sadden me be up to say no more. And I say unto you come baby, come. Remains me much love. At dusk I wish you were there, at dusk I you corrieras to hide thyself from me, because as who will have to find the hiding place, I’ve found your being. Thank you dry my tears that even when unseen, sometimes are there. Because when I’m tired and confused you bring love and shelter. Then my soul is full of it. Because you know, you’ve got loving treasure and don’t want to lose it, as I am I do not miss. I love you, Princess lizeth.