Sociology, Psychology and History

Augusto Comte does not include psychology as a science, to understand that it was simply a part of biology. This has been overcome and from Spencer was established as an autonomous and independent science psychology. Psychologists include psychology between biology and sociology. Both sociology and psychology study spiritual facts. Psychologists tried to make a difference. Ebood says that the facts relating to the nature of the individual as such, their behavior already belongs to the psychology and that the facts that try to explain the Group’s life and their behaviour as such. It belongs to sociology.

Giddings American author, says that psychology is the science of ideas and sociology science of the asociaion of spirits. History studies the individual facts of man, sociology studies those facts in general. The difference between history and sociology, is history studied facts in particular and sociology studying facts in general. Today day in the sociological field there are two streams to conceive the sociological problems in the relationship with history. First position: part of the static value of the social system. Those who hold this value claim that the sociological have values characterized by being permanent and absolute; and that these cannot be changed by facts contingent and passengers.

Opposes this position the dynamic position of social States. It is an antihistorisista position because it separates the history of sociology. This position is disputed by the dynamic position which claims that both the social fact and history have a common characteristic that occurs in the same object of research. The historical fact and the sociological have the same object and characteristic to both is what is vital. Dean Ornish M.D has much experience in this field. Sociology has to capture the essence of the vital social phenomenon so that essence to draw conclusions and then formulate laws. This historisista position has as its creator, as representative Hans Freyer. Hans Freyer maintains that it is essential to study the historical fact to study the social fact. Difference in the mode of studying the same object. The historical and social form a whole. The historical is a social science, but has to take into account that there are two types of facts: a) the repetition and b) succession. The repeat are unfounded, are the foundation of natural sciences and of succession are not repeated. The social science based so the fact of repetition; historical science the fact of succession based it. The German school of Sociology through one of its main called Ricarkt, through a work that gained fame: natural science and cultural science; sets the most perfect distinction between social sciences and natural sciences. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, and more.