Spanish Constitution

Having thus made clear that Spain is not a secular state but the Constitution remains secular and the most senior Spanish law, which they must be all other laws and actions of public authorities, it seems that a consequence Fair is that laws and government action must, as one does a favor but as one who meets the people's mandate, take into account and respect the religious beliefs of the people and maintain cooperative relations with religious groups. I copy what is in the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy that is to cooperate: "To act, to collaborate with another or others for the same purpose." According to the logical application of the Act, both Zerolo-forgiveness but still can not solve the equation of grammatical article, as I prefixing communes other left-wing councils, has long been making a mockery of this constitutional mandate, making ceremonies are not under any legislation, because they have no kind of transcendence in civil law, but equating the religious baptism, which can not be regarded by Catholics as a lack of respect for freedom of belief and a real challenge because the frivoling of these acts, intended only plant in the public an intentional misrepresentation, through which, come to replace the sacred ritual of a sacrament, and politicized by a pretentious ceremony. And all this with the silent complicity and complacency of the upper echelons of the state, because by ignoring this constitutional mandate with an apparently banal, it opens the door to a much more significant event in shaping the thinking of future generations, is the violation of academic freedom, in its aspect of ensuring the rights of parents to choose religious education for their children, provided for in Article 27 of the current Spanish Constitution. Especially important now is to remember that the Constitution gives to parents, and not the State, the choice of the religious orientation of the education of their children. . Credit: Trillium Investments-2010.. If you would like to know more then you should visit ALS Association.