Tarzan Novels

Know you the one of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of novels of Tarzan of the Monkeys? asked to Don Antonio, interrupting the story del that precise took note its nurse. Then did not say this one. All the novels of Tarzan are located in Africa, where his author never put the feet. the truth is that it did not know it. the best thing is not that added old.

When Burroughs became famous and their novels had been translated or to very many languages, a journalist wanted to know if she did not desire to him to go to Africa and to see how she was really and in what it looked like or to the scenes of its novels the old man was not silent a little while, hoping to see the effect of its words. His interlocutor ended up asking to him, with curiosity: And what answered? That no. Its argument was very simple: I do not want to go because if the landscape of Africa is not looked like that I have described I will be fact dust. Before his writer managed to recover of the surprise, the publisher it continued its story: I have to hurry; it is not that it dies to me right here leaving him to my history by halves and laughed, with a felt wreck of humor. So as of that one moment the industrial partner of the transmitter, that is to say, Antonio the one of Antoito had been neglected while the last one of the tonadilleras which he represented of that one so singular way, he never went to no site, remaining clean and lirondas the displacement diets, the cost of the hotels, the price of the transport and any other gabela that was happened to add to him.