The Child

Arms against dental caries with the child buy a beautiful children's toothbrush in accordance with his age. Then get your child's dental paste which has a pleasant taste of ice cream, bubble gum, cola, fruit or berries. My mother asks for help Allow the child to brush their teeth themselves, even if he still not very good. And so he got used to it do it right, ask him to brush your teeth or teeth favorite dolls. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. You can also connect to this occupation older brothers and sisters.

And be sure to properly brush your teeth yourself child! Show hocus-pocus! Reduce child to the dental clinic where the doctor works hygienist. He has a special tool, which cover the teeth, and then ask the child to brush his teeth. After that show him in the mirror or on the monitor color spots, are left unpeeled. Very clearly, completely safe: it was developed by the dye in order to teach children oral hygiene. Thorough brushing twice a day can prevent many problems in mouth, but just when it is regular. With every desire to indulge now and then a child (in honor of the weekend celebration, the arrival of guests) is important not to give up on important things for his health and instill in him the need for care for their teeth. Your baby will smile at his beautiful and charming smile, if you get used to the idea that after meals and at bedtime, his teeth must be cleaned. Also, do not forget the educational effect a good example! Better disciplined by brushing in the presence of a child twice a day with no allowance for laziness, employment, or fatigue. This will affect the baby much more than tales of the tooth fairy and scary stories about the "monsters caries."