The Driving Pleasure Must Not Be Lost

In the auto trade, lacks emotional addressing of customers Bonn/Hannover-Langenhagen – may was not a Merry month for the German car industry”. The order intake of the car market weakened. In May 2008, the new registrations were according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) with around 275,000 vehicles to six per cent below the level of the previous year. Dean Ornish M.D may help you with your research. Also, a recent study of DEKRA Consulting confirmed: our auto business is in crisis. Everyone notices it in their own wallets: driving is becoming increasingly expensive.

Alone in the last twelve months (from May 2007 to May 2008), the costs have risen according to the Federal Statistical Office to 4.3 percent. Check out Cleveland Clinic for additional information. Why is the car trade in crisis? The reasons are known. High energy costs lead to rising shop prices. High gasoline prices ruin us the ride at the pump. Also, the policy to a considerable extent is blame for plight. Because citizens are increasingly burdened with social security contributions and taxes, the net wages stagnate even for a long time. The political framework conditions are unclear. This applies to the environmental zones in city centres, the promotion of the particulate filter or the CO2 tax.

Motorists wait for clear signals”, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. But these remain out. On the website of the magazine dealership a potential car buyer complains: you tell me a single reason why I should buy a car now? At a time when the price of oil for the duration increased fivefold, where rises the diesel fuel per liter within a half year to 30 cents, where all imaginable and unimaginable environmental and engineering experiments, where the prices for acquisition, operation and maintenance in the pig Gallop run, announced I and many customers go not the risk, to spend 20,000, 30,000 or 40,000 for a car, it turns out after a few years as not for sale. Wait until you can meet again clear and safe decisions with prospects for the future. The car has lost much of its fascination. It mutated to necessary evil. Frustration of driving is driving pleasure. For this it not worth to invest more than is necessary.” But with a permanent “Lamento” is not served by the industry and the millions of motorists in Germany, is the conviction of Uwe Rohrig. The automotive expert is the owner of the Hanoverian consulting company international car concept (ICC). He calls on the industry to realize that what they themselves can affect. The car industry overall lacks the proper customer orientation. The opinion in the production and development, to make such great vehicles, while sales on the whole, redundant and costs money. That this assessment is wrong, you see alone in the fact justified that cars essentially still on its belly, so be bought with a very high proportion of emotions,”, so rad. Companies need courageous, motivated, customer-focused, entrepreneurial thinking, loyal, enthusiastic, almost happy employees. Large can you win. “With the pure numbers people, technocrats and bureaucrats, however, you can lose much to first of all customers”, says the head of the ICC. Perhaps, the industry can take an example in some kickers in the current European Championships. Look at only the Turks themselves, as they have turned the games into two parts with their passion. Why should we not take such an attitude as a model for our everyday? “Related to the automotive industry: those who are convinced of their own products and services and advertise with passion for her, who have it also easier to convince others.” Ansgar Lange