The Use

(RIBEIRO, 2009). The feeding of a fissurada child is one little more complicated, who of a child ' ' normal' ' , but it does not arrive to be one ' ' mountain out of a molehill ' ' when the parents they possess some type of orientation, of with dealing with its son, therefore without these orientaes the child can present frequent problems. (OAK, 2002). Information still in accordance with OAK (2002), the precocious aconselhamento of a fonoaudilogo to a family who has a fissurada child, on the alimentary techniques, assumes that the child will have a good development, a more easy feeding and will prevent the appearance of future problems. Thus with if she makes with the baby’s bottle that is indicated the orthodontic one, in the question of the habits is chosen one chupeta orthodontic to prevent that the fissurada child creates harmful vices, as: to absorb the finger, to place the hand in the mouth, etc. According to ALTMANN (1997), the objective is not to install habits of suction with chupeta, but yes the stimulation, as for example: in the hour where the child goes suck is advisable first the use of chupeta orthodontic minutes before, when it child will be to suck the seios obtain to feed themselves better. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. Since our uterine life intra, we know that the orofacial region is one of the first ones that if it develops, because is related to our vital functions, consequentemente, go if developing our consequences, as for example: breath, suction, etc.

In the children who possess the palatina fiction lip all these consequences are modified. Still in ALTMANN (1997), we saw that the fissurado precocious accompaniment with just born, in relation its sensitivity happens in its first year of life. To the birth the mouth of a fissurada child is one of more active the sensitive systems, therefore the same one is used of what its proper hands, thus not having one percipient function.