To Mark World Water Day 2011: Let Go… For Clean Drinking Water!

Viva con Agua Berlin & WASH United invite 2011 to the symbolic water transport, walking distance to the international world water day on March 22 by the Oberbaumbrucke bridge up to the fountain of Neptune. Cyrus Massoumi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Start: 15: 00. Berlin, March 15, 2011 – March 22 is world water day: Viva con Agua Berlin & WASH United want to devote this day to make pointed out that nearly one billion people without access to clean drinking water live! You must create back daily 5 km and more, to get that, what is matter of course for us: clean drinking water! This distance should be placed back on the world water day (22 March) together with like-minded people. Of the Oberbaum bridge in Friedrichshain with buckets and ropes, the Spree river water drawn and poured into the vessels brought by participants. Then the full vessels carried to the fountain of Neptune in the Red Town Hall. Anyone who wants to set a sign against water poverty is welcome to start the action with his vessel at 15: 00 on the Oberbaumbrucke bridge. The greatest violation of human rights is still the lack of access to clean drinking water.

The most important food is namely still unreachable for more than one billion people. Each year commemorates March 22 since 1992 at the world water day, that dirty water more people die than AIDS, malaria and measles along. Viva con Agua focuses on therefore tackling water poverty through targeted assistance on site, such as construction and maintenance of wells, which are funded by donations. We would all like to invite, when let run together “for a world without to go thirsty! The meeting place for the demonstration “run? is on Tuesday, 22 March, 15:00 on the Oberbaumbrucke bridge with a chosen container for water transportation (cups, buckets, watering can, vase etc.) Viva con Agua & WASH United for a life with water! About Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.: Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.