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Tarzan Novels

Know you the one of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of novels of Tarzan of the Monkeys? asked to Don Antonio, interrupting the story del that precise took note its nurse. Then did not say this one. All the novels of Tarzan are located in Africa, where his author never put the feet. the truth […]

The Psychic

Actually, it is a psychological matter, because she was mentally adapted to the psychic inadequacy, transformed and created in mental, physical and evolutionary matter by itself Psychic inadequacy. Our body and our psyche, as well as that of any living being is a maladaptive that continuously tries to adapt to everything, hence we transform psychic […]


Already the body idea is negative, as much for being substance (that the spirit is opposed), as danger source, therefore it is responsible for the loss of the soul. Both are under a effect-gangorra: if to privilege the desires of the body (the pleasure is read), the soul will be condemned the perpetual torments. for […]

Aesthetic Tourism

Brazil, one of the countries with greater amount of paradisiac landscapes in South America, also is one of which more propose ones present/display to realise medical tourism. The prices are much more under which in other countries and in addition it has the possibility of resting in some of his paradisiac beaches in order to […]