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High System

We live in the modern world, technology is designed to create maximum comfort us in any area of activities. Touched on the changes and payment of interest to our products and services. Since trade is slowly but right moves in cyberspace, there is a need in the electronic payment. To date, there are already enough […]

Chicken Curry

Historical review: My father who was loving and amateur Cook for strong flavors between them based on the curry flavors. Often in my house tasted dishes whose main ingredient was the curry. Also when we ate Chinese food, never missing orders of chicken curry, so very early in my life I had fondness for these […]

Seliger Technical University Berlin

2 weeks in Berlin as a compact training the Summer School of logistics and production management”will take place from 9th to 20th August 2010 in Berlin. The event carried Department of Assembly technology and factory management of Prof. Dr. Gunther Seliger Technical University Berlin, Institute for machine tools and factory management, and 4flow academy, the […]