Already the body idea is negative, as much for being substance (that the spirit is opposed), as danger source, therefore it is responsible for the loss of the soul. Both are under a effect-gangorra: if to privilege the desires of the body (the pleasure is read), the soul will be condemned the perpetual torments. for the salvation of this, the body must be placed in second plain. Led to the extremities, such disdain heads for pain, not being for less than to be followed model, Jesus, are represented as having suffered maximum pain, the death under torture. In short, safe pain and the pleasure condemn. The maximum pleasure of the body if carries through in the sex – more particularly in orgasmo. It is not for another reason that the restrictions to the sex are between the concerns central offices of the catolicismo. In function of that is that I affirmed that the idealized model of person, in the Ocidente, is the one that would have the crucificado sex.

As estimated it is that the catolicismo withholds not to be able, in the Ocidente, of what the protestantismo. In first place, because the church catholic was the founding matrix and later only practicing producer of this context during more than 1500 years, only in century XVI, with Lutero, losing the monopoly of the religious field. In second, even so the protestantismo congregates millions of adepts in the world occidental person and has assumed considerable influence also politics and cultural (it sees England and U.S.A.), a very great degree of intergrupal independence (for not saying itself in spraying) marks the thousands of appeared religious submodalidades. These, unprovided of a spine represented by an internal general hierarquizao of the power, have much less conditions to dictate politics of ampler scope, geopolitically speaking. The same, however, it does not occur with the catolicismo.