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Diagnosis and Medication

He happens that many times the auto person if diagnosiss and medicates, becoming the complicated situations more ahead. It is very important in these cases a good listening of the professional and the contribution and will of the patient. One forms to be if preventing it starts for the perception of the place where it […]

Stored Calories

To find out how many calories you spend per day use the calorie calculator. This uses the equation of Harris-Benedict which calculates calorie expenditure using your height, weight, age, gender and activity level. It is only an estimate so you need to monitor your weight and adjust your calories accordingly consumption. You should eat less […]

Civil Procedure

Article 326 of the code of Civil Procedure says on the subject: conciliation hearing. Articulo326. -Present Parties, or their legal representatives or representatives with a capacity to do so, the judge will hear the reasons that expose by his order. He immediately proposes the formula of reconciliation that its discretion advise you. Can also have […]

Confronting Fear

One of those mornings where one rises saturated due to trivial matters I spend the unexpected. Many writers such as Jessica Pels offer more in-depth analysis. I get up, I went to the bathroom and I took water in the face. There looking at me I remembered that he had not talked to father, I […]


Lips of naughty kisses, lips of moons, stars and including yours. Frequently Sam Locke has said that publicly. Lips that have been shown to love me. Blue honey go utopia mine. Honey color sky and sky wanted, loved, appreciated. Blue honey, blue honey. You and me until the bluest of Blues, listening to Sabina to […]

Intensive Therapy

The illness is transmitted of individual the individual through it sneezes, cough and contact with secretions of people contaminated for the virus (BRAZIL, 2009). Being able still to have transmission by means of the contaminated hands or other surfaces. The virus is transmitted in up to 7 days in the adult and 14 days in […]