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Negative Idea

If we started working on a goal it is common to have a reference point, i.e. observing a model to which we aspire to reach, for the conscious mind there are many limitations and here is where you begin to arise a lot of obstacles and the achievement seem a way too long and sometimes […]

Green Clubbing:

In the framework of the environmental Festival takes place on 5 June in Germany first Club Carrotmob / clubs employ 40 percent of revenues for climate protection / prelude to Germany-wide Green Clubbing on Saturday, the 5th of June in Berlin the first Club Carrotmob of in Germany takes place. Under the motto of Green […]

Alternative Energies

Aeolian energy is the obtained energy of the wind, that is to say, the generated kinetic energy as a result of the airflows, and that are transformed into other useful forms for the human activities. At present, the Aeolian energy is used mainly to produce electrical energy by means of aerogenerators. The Aeolian energy is […]

Guarani Symbol

THE GUARANi language, symbol of the identity of PARAGUAY by Hugo Barrios to 31/03/2010 read original (click) on: ASUNCIoN, Paraguay guarani, that together with the Spanish was declared one of the official languages of Paraguay in 1992, is considered not only a language, but a symbol of the identity of Paraguay. While many Paraguayans […]


Many of my clients or potential clients ask, "why such high prices for promotion in your firm, I was asked to promote my site for just $ 100 and you take the $ 400" to be honest, I'm a little sorry for these people. In our a lot of time frilansirov offer their services in […]


A real innovative product for those who want more. Finally on the cards and as an app to backup. We know him long, the small bar code with its huge information potential. Now, there’s hardly a shopping article without bar code, hardly a flight ticket, a chip card or a magazine. The coding fields are […]

BestSecret Clubs

Online fashion outlets and shopping clubs offer branded and designer products at unbelievable prices of power shopping in the Web online fashion outlets are difficult in the trend, because designers and brands at unbeatable prices offers this shopping havens of often up to 70% cheaper than in the official shops. Selling products is of outlet […]