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Frying Fat Fry

Frying oil is a special mixture used for cooking various foods. It is well known that the Frying oil can contain large amounts of hazardous substances. And this is connected primarily with its misuse. By itself, Frying oil is a mixture of various vegetable and animal fats (today used a few basic recipes.) During frying […]

Bietigheim Enz

Marco Abhisek-Vega of the program team sport occupies a superb 137. on the last day of the year 2012 the Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve run with participation by program took place sports. More than 3,600 runners went at the 32nd edition launched. The 20,000 spectators on the side of the running event in […]

ADHD Training

(Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder) Ilmenau, December 21, 2010. This month 38(6) appeared in the journal of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, an overview work on the results of Gottingen and Erlanger workgroups to Holger Gevensleben and Hartmut Heinrich, which provides an overview of results achieved on the clinical efficacy of neuro-feedback training in children […]

Professional Foam

Professional foam characterizes the ease and high accuracy of application, increased productivity, lower secondary expansion – up to 150%, shorter curing foam, high stability and the possibility of multiple applications. There are also two-component foams, characterized by good performance of strength, a high density of 30-40 kg / m, the minimum expansion of secondary and […]

The Water

Have ready the galena, argentiferous galena made black powder at the almirez; fine powder, which passes through a sieve of fine linen. It grinds the higas of Jet, in visible, brittle pieces. Rain water collected in may you have had already their fair portion of moon; on the mirror which formed on the surface of […]


To eat To lose is simultaneously the title of a book and a method of diet created by Isabel of the Rivers with great popularity in Internet. Before happening to analyze the book in himself, we know some data on the author. In the first place Isabel of the Rivers not only is an enthusiastic […]

Multiple Sclerosis

Book Tip: Suddenly MS – life with an insidious disease multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common auto-immune diseases of the brain and spinal cord. It is a chronic disease of the immune system. The term “multiple sclerosis” is composed of the words “skleros” (hard) and “multiplex” (in many cases) together. MS leaves […]

Pulpitis And Periodontitis

In this article we will be able to understand what is pulpitis and periodontitis, which are much more worried about us than other diseases of the mouth. Pulpitis – a defeat of dental hard tissues, with the involvement of inflammation in the nerve (pulp). Tissues surrounding the tooth is not utilized. Periodontitis – all the […]


Asefarma considered serious mistake the day of manifestations of the 29th of September. And is that such and as considerauna of assessments of management dynamics of pharmacy leaders of our country (), is clearly a strike at the wrong time, because it makes no sense making a strike three months after presenting the labor reform, […]

Everything Times

The starchy passer-bys badly have time to stop to give an alms and, they will say: The life is thus. Each one in its square. Two completely different realities. The chaos that if it installs is corroding of imperceptible form all the system. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is open to suggestions. It is looked to […]