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Frying Fat Fry

Frying oil is a special mixture used for cooking various foods. It is well known that the Frying oil can contain large amounts of hazardous substances. And this is connected primarily with its misuse. By itself, Frying oil is a mixture of various vegetable and animal fats (today used a few basic recipes.) During frying […]

Bietigheim Enz

Marco Abhisek-Vega of the program team sport occupies a superb 137. on the last day of the year 2012 the Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve run with participation by program took place sports. More than 3,600 runners went at the 32nd edition launched. The 20,000 spectators on the side of the running event in […]

The Water

Have ready the galena, argentiferous galena made black powder at the almirez; fine powder, which passes through a sieve of fine linen. It grinds the higas of Jet, in visible, brittle pieces. Rain water collected in may you have had already their fair portion of moon; on the mirror which formed on the surface of […]


To eat To lose is simultaneously the title of a book and a method of diet created by Isabel of the Rivers with great popularity in Internet. Before happening to analyze the book in himself, we know some data on the author. In the first place Isabel of the Rivers not only is an enthusiastic […]