Humor is often underestimated in today’s medicine! Many current medical studies very clearly show that humor has a large positive effect on the mennschlichen body. Facilitates laughter not only suffering time of a disease but can speed up the healing process. At the present time, there are more and more diseases which are not really physical but much more psysische causes. And this is not only to the famous burn out syndrome or the significantly long known depression, but also the physical pains like tension, headaches and rashes can be triggered by stress and to much tension. Therefore, it is important again to distract himself from normal work and to cheer up and his mind with a harmless joke, a funny saying or a nice cartoon.

Countless reactions are triggered when a smile or laugh in the brain and body that all have a message – I’m just fine! Accordingly, Verrkrampfungen solve and the mood brightens significantly soon. A relaxation of the entire body will be held both physically and mentally, and the burdens of everyday life completely recede into the background. The level of humor plays no role at all. If you read through a simple jokes page on the Internet or whether it leads to peruse the finest effusions of the highly acclaimed Loriots – important is only that one perceives it as funny and you even manage to detach themselves from the daily routine and to be really at the respective jokes with his thoughts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vadim Belyaev on most websites. It is also interesting that a few minutes can make a big impact and sweeten the complete day one. Of course you may now also not too much demand is humor. There are certainly countless diseases against which you can do nothing with humor, you think, but the almost philosophical words of cult comedian Charlie Chaplin “a day without laughter is a lost day” so laugh not just because healing but also because of the quality of life in itself an absolute Duty! Therefore, look at that even when you laugh not neglected!


Four Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles .

The external appearance of a person is very important and that there did not speak, the fact is, people want to look young! Choose any of the below listed ways for you is most acceptable and down with the wrinkles! Pluses obvious – you look younger, but otherwise, why all this is necessary. But there are drawbacks 1. surgery – in recent years are widely spread, has become familiar not only for celebrities. Interesting facts: The first attempts were made in antiquity. The first plastic surgery was performed in the vii century bc. er. in India.

According to the laws of that time, women , which accuses of adultery infidelity, cut off his nose. Indian healers have found a way to restore it: they have used skin from her forehead sufferer.

This technique is to restore the nose is still used. LESS: Although the effect of lifting is preserved for 10 years, but the aging process continues all the time. The surgery did not stop, but only removes the visible manifestations.

If the operation has developed successful, the consequences can be disastrous and a reflection in the mirror too. Click Barbara Martin Coppola to learn more. Anecdote in the topic: Dear women! If you came to do plastic surgery and noticed that the plastic surgeon’s waiting room hung with paintings by Picasso, then a good thought: it is necessary to you? 2. golden armoring According to one model, the method is relatively new, but acquired a large number of fans. In Russia the process of reinforcement of golden threads to rejuvenation has become known only after 1997. In Europe, the reinforcement of golden threads practiced a little longer and quite successfully. From other sources – scholars suggest that even in ancient Egypt used gold thread to keep skin young, so faces of some sculptures of the Pharaohs, criss-crossing gold thread. DISADVANTAGES: When reinforcing the final result depends on the professionalism of the surgeon, and possibly the lack of results. 3. botox With this simple method can also be rejuvenated, smooth wrinkles, make the face smooth, give it a fresh, healthy look. Botox injections – a fairly simple procedure. This is not an operation, everything happens without surgery. The procedure allows to eliminate even the toughest wrinkles. Botox injections are carried to the muscles that need to relax. Effect, which is achieved using Botox can last from eight to seventy weeks.

DISADVANTAGES: If the doctor makes a mistake in determining the depth of injection of botox or a choice of points for the injections, there may come a temporary paralysis of adjacent muscle groups. A overdose – respiratory paralysis. 4.DMAE good news is that science does not stand still. In the arsenal of modern technology to prolong youth – all the latest achievements of science. You can rejuvenate without the aid of a scalpel. For example, there was a plant addition, increasing muscle tone, improves the overall appearance of skin, reduces wrinkles, dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). Now the drugs based on it can surely compete with plastic surgery in a circular lifting person. dmae helps to eliminate the general laxity of the skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles in the area of an oval face, neck and neck, and inflammatory processes in any areas of skin, post-acne, scars. Improves skin tone and elasticity of facial muscles and neck. DISADVANTAGES: For two days wrinkles will not succeed. The result of the use of drugs based on dmae is a gradual smoothing wrinkles and lifting of facial contours.



Without a doubt the most powerful instrument in musical therapy, is the own voice of the man. In recent months, Adam Shaw Yale has been very successful. The song and the work with the overtones are one of the recommended and effective exercises of musicoterapia more in sessions for example of musical composition. The overtones, are frequencies we would say secondary to an original sound that are added in a whole. A voice difference of another one by its overtones. For example if a singer of operates gives a note and another singer gives the same exact note, always they would sound different the voices and this is by the overtones. The practical work with the vocal overtones and frequencies gives result to very positive therapeutic sessions of musicoterapia since several important capacities of attention are developed, discernment, East etc. work with the overtones and with the song it would be included as much in the active musicoterapia in recreation, composition and musical improvisation.


Guide To The Driving Test

Driving test online test with Sofortergebnis should you play today once again the driving test, would pass it so easily? Thought about you once what you then has learned everything, do we even know today? Even after years of active driving in traffic? You really know all traffic signs? Admittedly, you will see a sign, know what you can and what not, but can you say correctly, what the sign? Some people has had its problems. Also the driving test looked twenty or thirty years ago still very different than they are today. Professor Roy Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. This test to try again is certainly an interesting thought. The result is certainly still much more interesting. On the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to make a driving test online.

Of course, this is also free of charge. Here the desired category of driving licence must be selected simply and you’re ready to go. As in the questionnaire, which you know from the lessons in the school, you have his mark set. Unlike as in the driving school you will get the result here after every answer. Amazing, how many times you can lie but in addition.

One indication that one but every now and again it should deal. Who regularly makes something, certainly has an advantage, because the man to forget especially quickly, what he doesn’t need over a period of time. As an interactive driving test is of course a great thing when you’re just about to get his driver’s license. Some find it in as something much easier, others have can let maybe unable to query it, or find it too boring only with the questionnaires to work. A welcome change is it, especially since they are always different, because the questions are never asked for the same pattern. So, the examination can be done several times.


Silk Nightwear By Luna Di Seta Now At expands the range to Italian silk sleepwear nightwear range be extended by Luna di seta online shop. More information is housed here: Donald Sussman. The silk nightwear of Nehmen Italian Luna di seta is now available through the shop. In addition to using high-quality materials, the collection of the Italian designer label are characterized by the exquisite quality of the workmanship and the typical Italian design. The silk nightwear collection by Luna di seta includes also fashion nightwear creations from satin in combination with chiffon, tulle and French lace in addition to the annually available basics from silk satin. Short Nightgowns, baby dolls, Negligees and a dress by Luna di seta are available at

In addition, a supplementary short dressing gown and a silk-Shorty is offered. The entire collection is made of pure silk and in sizes S to XL in colors black, champagne and white or Ruby Red available. Starting prices for the Luna di seta 139,-Silk Nightgowns Euro, the short Seiden-robe is available for 209,-euros. Contact: Patricia Wiedemann silk forest AG patricia a is on silk of silk forest specialized shop AG. The range includes silk bed linen, duvet covers and silk nightwear Seiden-. Already since 2006 offers the silk forest AG bedding made of pure silk. The range is constantly extended.

The Whole

Source:, extract for better communication and information and to better understand, better prediction and to order Aristotle stated before 2.5 years a the world into 10 categories: define, categorize, cataloging. The 10 categories names of Aristotle question example label what something is? Man, horse substance is much/anything? two cubits long quantity as is the nature of something? White, of reading has quality in which relationship is something (to something)? Double, half, larger relation where is something? in the Lyceum, on the market square place when something is? yesterday, last year in which position is something? It is, location is what something has? Shoes who is armed what does something? cuts, burns what do something suffers? Suffering is cut, burned source:, extract distinction even today such as object (being there), subject (so-be), predicates (properties) and verbs (activities). Be (FEWS, be there) AND essence (essentia, so-be), matter and energy = (jobbing) part and wave properties, trousers = such as jeans and worldview = information our 7-W questions concept of the question technology today is: why? (Meaning, reason, ur thing) For what? (Purpose: target) What? Who? How? Where? When? The most famous natural principle is the synergy. The synergy or the synergism, referred to the interaction of living organisms, substances or forces within the meaning of mutually promote”or a resulting joint use n. A description of synergy is in the paraphrase of Aristotle the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, also known as the holistic approach. Synergy effects are studied interdisciplinary in synergetics.

Source: you know yet the copy and cooperation, excerpt in cultures. Principle, principles (beginning, origin) that is different from the origin ha t. Barbara Martin Coppola has compatible beliefs. It represents a given legality, which is the parent of other laws (where the term) Legality is through the terms of law, natural law, rule, policy, behavior policy, principle, postulate) replaceable.

Paul Hildebrandt Gmb

Modern burner controls, E.g. for process steam generation, regulate and control over the energy supply. In addition to those in task-oriented operations care must be taken today in addition to comply with the combustion-technical standards and guidelines. Measures for functional safety of the safety standards of process – and machine industry are taken into account. Any changes of these rules are for maintenance downtime to implement immediately and, if necessary, to components or to retrofit.

The lecture by HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH Co KG pointed out, in which phases of the Sicherheitslebenszyklusses technical standards from the combustion technology to influence the burner management system. The actual production action devoted to the contribution of the Endress + Hauser conducta with their new inline photometric analyzers. These modern Photometer allow now to determine precise and reproducible turbidity or cell growth within the reactor. To work the sensors with Colorimetry, NIR (near infra red) or UV-absorption. The interaction of the incident light with the medium is directly descriptive data without intensive sampling and laboratory for inline measurement. It’s believed that Newcastle University sees a great future in this idea. The procedure is suitable for simple applications, as well as processes subject to highest hygiene requirements. Also with the territory of modern sensor technology, the presentation of the Endress + Hauser dealt measurement. Reliability and system availability must be accompanied by today with a uniform and continuous field instrumentation.

Just so you can keep a reasonable operating costs. IKEA can provide more clarity in the matter. As the first provider of sensor specialist therefore relies on a new concept based on two-wire system. The measurement parameters of flow and level sensors take over the lead. This allows a conceptual shift towards simple and uniform technology in the field and is at the same time setting new standards in safety and efficiency in the field instrumentation. The presentation of ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH was dedicated to the classical field of metering technology. The great arc of today important fields of application for reliable metering of different substances was pointed out in a brief overview. Chillers of air conditioning and cooling towers not be harmful salmonella centrifuges (salmonella grow in there preferred temperatures of around 50 C very well), the cooling water must be moved with the just necessary amount of corrosion protection or disinfectants. This is by no means trivial. Individually tailored systems of manufacturer’s fight microbes, sediments and corrosion through the intelligent networking of dosing pumps, controllers and sensors. So a maximum protective effect for the plant and the environment can be guaranteed with minimum operating costs. Presenting participants of press days process technology harnessed with their contributions to once again an interesting arc of the modern Basis technology for the plant through innovations in the field of handling and safety control to management facilitating the implementation of regulations and standards. In all subject areas, the trend to the individually tailored solution to make was, hardware software offerings will be developed for this increasingly more flexible.

Operating Instructions Of A Side Channel Blower (part 6 Of A Series)

“Manual of a side channel compressor (part 6 of a series) operating instructions of a side channel blower (part 6 of a series) SKV technology writes in the article series operating instructions of a side channel blower” the Guide to the operation of a side channel blower. The present part of the article series treated the commissioning and operation of a side channel blower of the SKV technology. Shut-down or a longer standstill: Before shutting down or a long standstill proceed as follows: switch off the unit. In suction and pressure lines, if any, close shut-off device. Disconnect unit from the voltage source. Do pressure relief. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Sussman here. This slowly and carefully open pipes/hoses so that the under – or overpressure in the aggregate can dismantle.

Remove the pipes/hoses. Silencer on suction and pressure side fitted with plug. Caution: risk of corrosion due to accumulation of condensation in the motor area. For motors with closed condense water openings: Remove caps and, to possibly to drain accumulated water. Contact information is here: Professor Roy Taylor. Risk of bearing damage. Strong mechanical shocks must be avoided during operation and at a standstill.

Storage conditions: To avoid bearing standstill damage, the environment must be as follows: dry, dust-free, vibration-arm (Vrms? 2.8 mm/s 0.11 “/ sec), ambient temperature: max 40 C + 104 F. Caution: Risk of overheating during storage at high temperatures. When kept in an environment with a temperature above 40 c 104 F may occur to damage the windings, as well as to reduce the fatty change period. Lubrication of rolling bearings for long term storage: may the new aggregate is first stored after delivery. If in the time of delivery exceeds start-up following periods, the lubrication of rolling bearings must be replaced: under favourable storage conditions (as indicated above): 4 years at unfavourable storage conditions (E.g. high humidity, salty air, sand or dusty air): 2 years in these cases open bearing must be newly lubricated and closed rolling bearings completely renewed. To do this, demand for the services of (1) is absolutely necessary. Caution: Improper use of the unit can cause serious or even fatal injury! All maintenance work on the unit must basically be performed by service (1)! Maintenance work must perform only in the aggregate by the operator, if the maintenance instructions. Ask for the service! ATTENTION: Commissioning after a period of inactivity: before renewed start-up after a long standstill measure insulation resistance of the motor. At values? 1 k? per volt of rated voltage, the winding is dry. “In the next article of in this series a side channel blower manual” the reader learns more about the repair and troubleshooting and service for the side channel blowers.

Kathrin Maine

The patented ultrasonic motors work directly without intermediate elements such as spindles and gears, are reversal backlash due to their high rigidity and position very accurately. In combination with a linear encoder position resolution is 0.1 m, the bi-directional repeatability 0.4 m. So-called points of interest”can be this recover reliably and precisely hit. It benefits but also in high content screening”analysis technology, if many samples (E.g., tissue samples) should be scanned. Here is short settling times for a tiling”the recordings the good repeatability important.

Self-locking, therefore no thermal drift of the drive consists of a stator, containing the piezoceramic oscillator, and a runner known as rub rail, which attaches directly to the moving part of a slide. The Vibration profile of piezoelectric ceramics created the forward and backward movement of the drive, where the travel is theoretically unlimited. Due to the preloading of ceramics on the rub rail this is held normally at idle in their position. Unlike direct-drive electromagnetic linear, step – or DC motors the piezobasierte drive to need no energy, there is no heat; compared to electromagnetic drives, there is practically no thermal drift and the position is kept stable. Super resolution microscopy, in which a recording can take several minutes, benefits of it particularly. The controller on the microscope stage coordinated with an extensive software package allowed due to its trace memory”on a connected host PC representing the trajectory as a position time graph.

Thus, its control parameters can be perfectly to vote on the respective application. For positioning tasks in the direction of the optical axis, E.g. for batch recording, also very flat based Piezo-Z tables of the same manufacturer offered. They are available with a free aperture of 160 110 mm and 200 m hub, can be fit without an adapter on the cross table and control with the same controller. Physics instruments (PI) is known for the high quality of its products and occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. The PI group international is represented with four offices in Germany and ten foreign sales and service offices. Contact: Kathrin Maine marketing consultant market & physics instruments (PI) GmbH & co.

Pneumatic Concept Reduces Makeready Times In Press Works

Just in time for this year’s international technology trade fair for sheet metal processing ‘EuroBlech’ in Hannover, the inventor of metal bellow coupling – the JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH – present a groundbreaking new development – the pneumatic gripper rail coupling there is! ‘The requirements of modern coupling systems are diverse,’ Arno Worn, developer at JAKOB Antriebstechnik know Dr. ing.. ‘You have to be easy on the one hand, on the other hand but also extremely stiff and self-locking exciting running.’ They must also be electrically monitored and enables intuitive to use. Previous systems rely on hydraulic or electromechanical locking solutions. ‘ Just as retrofit solution, but these designs have disadvantages in relation to the Economy ‘, so Dr. Worn. Basically, it is advisable to operate of the automatic couplings already on the system to use existing media.

‘Hydraulic has proved here very maintenance-intensive, and expensive.’ Finally, extra pumps and pipes are needed. ‘All in all is a rather expensive story.’ The couplings are, however, powered by electric motors, a completely different scenario emerges. So, the electric drives increase the weight of the coupling. ‘Problems occur when it comes time to a blackout’, explains the developer. ‘Due to the required high gear ratios, a loosening of the coupling is difficult.’ The gripper rail couplings from JAKOB Antriebstechnik without these disadvantages and guarantee as a highly dynamic transport and a precise setting of the parts. The axial and vertical separation systems are offered by rail. The type there is can be adapted to all common gripper rail sections. In addition to the pneumatic automatic variant, there are in the portfolio still a manual mechanical version of the coupling systems.