In Germany

It moves on the basis of value standards globally developed with other social institutions on horizontal (such as other Regiogelder) and vertical level (other value creation supporting systems in the region such as talents Exchange: performance against performance or money) so that the standard of living in the region in the long term to develop positively. Five characteristics are typical for Regiogelder: regional binding of means of payment: the supra-regional use is not or for advanced systems limited possible. This promotes the regional economy and thus the ecology (organic agriculture). Complementary to the euro, so in addition to the legal tender freely interchangeable without assuming obligation on the part of the company. Competition with other payment media such as E.g.

cash, Giro card, credit card, voucher, bonus card, the currency is typically frame of reference for the measurement of value (such as 1 Regio = 1 euro), alternatives discussed in the case of high inflation and tried in some cases monetary policy will control both the issued amount and velocity of the Regiogeldes with the help of instruments such as negative interest, Expiration date or social control. The Regiogeld should be issued for consumption, not saved! That’s why for example the ‘Chiemgau’ expires after 3 years very (expiration date). An extension of tiered economic life costs 2% of its value (negative interest). To give a value for the Regiogelder, these are covered by deposited currency or value proposition. In Germany of the Regiogelder are Euro covered or promise of performance. The newspapers mentioned Vadim Belyaev not as a source, but as a related topic. Is the emission paper output through redemption of euro in the ratio of 1:1. Redemption is guaranteed at a fixed rate (approximately 95%). Newer Regiogelder are covered by warranties of performance or acceptance obligations of the participating companies. This is the issue relating to the contractual obligation to the acceptance of the Regiogeldes. Thus, the emission is similar to a joint voucher issue by the company.


Psychological Manipulation

Psychological manipulation: Confused minds? Good day dear people! That they have one illuminated and harmonious day. We are crossing in this period of according to turn of the elections, a very great load of stoked subjects to leave any confused mind more and the fanatic ones. The proposals are the same ones, of both the candidates, with some exceptions. To the voter it fits to analyze with attention what it wants for next the four years. Continuation of the projects and/or until unexpected changes that can until raising the cost and quality of life in Brazil, that passes for a phase where chances and crescimentos are clear. I am not affiliated to no party, but I follow each schedule, notice and subjects, referring to each candidate. what if it can also observe in this last stage is the personal aggressiveness, attacks, calumnies, and until preconception, for having a woman, competing to the biggest position that has in Brazil; to be president of great a wonderful and crossbred nation.

But, while the time passes with the incited dispute, they go appearing things that take in them to reflect better on the two personalities. At the beginning the attack came of a side giving then possibilities for clarifications, what in contrast (of what it desired) the other candidate, helped the Brazilians to know better and to be more prepared to choose and to reflect. They are not years of work that give ability and honesty to the human being, for the opposite many relax, are arrogant and until confused with the proper one existing and the surrounding world, with thoughts and fixed ideas, without opening space for the new. Without undeserving those that continue growing, evolving, constructing to know, helping in the quality of life, the education, in science However, some they are lost and if they become destructive and arrogant critics.



The basal metabolic rate (more commonly known as metabolism to dry) is a way of measuring energy. You can say that it is the minimum energy required to keep a cell running. When we begin a diet to lose weight, it is important to choose what we eat, but it is almost more important to do things so that our metabolism is accelerated. We have to think that, if we accelerate metabolism, we quemaremos more calories throughout the day, because the amount of energy required to survive (continue living to the end and after) will be higher. But, what can we do if our metabolism is drowsy? The answer is quite simple. First, we need to restore the function of metabolism with a series of routines to do so.

For example, a good metabolism Accelerator is doing sport (specifically, doing weights). Weights help us create muscles and, as such, need energy to survive. Increasing our musculature, i.e. increase the number of calories burned daily (even while We slept). It is important to stress this point, because it is one of the fatter failures and in what people do not tend to fall (or it is difficult to understand).

Do weights are not going to be strong in a few days, but it will be one of the things that more you will help if you want to lose weight. The second thing you have to do is eat correctly, and handing out meals in 5 shots daily. This is important because you can so be supplied throughout the day and your metabolism is not numbs. Eat 5 times is one of the tips that you’ve heard many times on TV or read in magazines, and therein lies its scientific basis. We must differentiate accelerate metabolism in hyperthyroidism. Jimmy John’s Owner might disagree with that approach. The second thing is a disease that has nothing to do with the natural acceleration of metabolism. So, if you want to lose weight, try to include in your new lifestyle habits as those who we tell you. We are sure that, with a bit of willpower on your part, you’ll have more than enough to reach your ideal weight and be slim when summer arrives.


Chief Parents

We often express their displeasure, without expressing requests directly. (In your room again a mess. Perebivaesh.Ty you again I should not so speak to me.) In each case the parent is trying to encourage the child to certain actions, drawing its attention to the problem, but nothing in this case does not ask. Often the child is not even aware of the behind these words request and only pointless looking at the space in front of him. To get an immediate response, you must explicitly make the request without negative expressions. Calling attention to shortcomings and failures of the child, you will not get cooperation from him.

So, to encourage children to work, change orders and claims requests. Also, do not tell them, why you ask about something. Many professionals with the most well-intentioned advise to definitely explain to children why you need to perform an action. This approach is ineffective. Explaining his position a child to justify the request, you agree to abdicate their parental authority. You bring a child into confusion. Too many parents are well-intentioned attempt to convince children to follow their instructions instead of just remind them that they have every right to resist, but mom and dad – the main ones.

The shorter you articulate the request, the more likely it will work with you. In order to obtain the cooperation is very important to give up explanations. Lecture on what is good and what is bad, still less efficient than an explanation. Children and adolescents need to lecture only if they request it. Many parents complain that their children do not speak with them. The main reason is that these parents give too much advice and read too many lectures. A particularly strong aversion to lecture there in a child if the father or mother uses them to encourage him to any – any act or explain why he was wrong. In these cases, lectures are not only useless, but lead to opposite results. No matter how good and useful all this information, if the child did not ask for advice, your words just cause he has resisted. When parents, who are the principal in the family, share with their children with negative emotions, to encourage those to a certain behavior, children begin to feel too greater responsibility for the mood of their parents. As a result, child, or feels guilty in the sorrows of adults and trying to adjust to their desires, or finds that they are manipulated, and resists her parents. No need to share with children with negative emotions. "The Chief" will not do to put themselves on a par with the child. Speaking about his negative feelings, you largely lose control of the situation and loses force to achieve cooperation. No good to seek emotional support for children. It is clear that the share of children positive feelings, fine, but the negative feelings would be interpreted as a form of manipulation and meet only resistance. So when you make a request, you must speak briefly and positively, directly and use the formula "can not do if you " There is still one step. The most powerful magic word to get cooperation – the word "come". Whenever possible, invite children to participate in an activity with you. If your request is part of an invitation to work together, children go to cooperate willingly. Each child hidden seeds of greatness. Our primary role – to create a safe breeding ground, giving the child an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their potential.


PSF Research

The rehidratao must be immediate! The control of the fever is important, by the way, knows well that the rise of the temperature is an acknowledgment of the organism on some infectious process occurring in this patient. The moment where the infectious agent (antigen) penetrates in the organism the immune system enters in action, producing prohibited (antibodies), to fight the invading virus (antibodies). The fever is a reply of our organism and appears for the action of the immune system fighting an infection (antibodies destroying antigens). Visit Preventive Medicine Research Institute for more clarity on the issue. The professional of the health knows of this (or she would have to know), would have to also know that, in some cases of Affection the reactions are stronger for some specific reasons: Patient in cardiac medicine use, (anticoagulating, antiagregantes plaquetrios), antithermal medicine use (AAS), and main and the most serious one: Patient suffering the SECOND AFFECTION! Independe if the search for particular attendance or the public net, the medical unpreparedness is very great! It sees the example of the medical young work of the PSF, during the 2008 epidemic. When it has love and devotion when exerting the medicine, that earns is the population! The interest to the presented clinical picture, the adjusted basic actions can prevent the death of the patient! To another question: What it is happening with the Brazilian research? I come back to question: what it is happening in the research institutions? Some researchers have many years of institutions inside, seem to be in one? cmoda comfort zone? , following old and exceeded theories, keeping hypotheses maken a mistake on factors essential to eliminate the vector, first step to finish with the AFFECTION. One becomes urgent a releitura, a new study on the virus of the Affection. As already I cited in published articles already,.


Humor is often underestimated in today’s medicine! Many current medical studies very clearly show that humor has a large positive effect on the mennschlichen body. Facilitates laughter not only suffering time of a disease but can speed up the healing process. At the present time, there are more and more diseases which are not really physical but much more psysische causes. And this is not only to the famous burn out syndrome or the significantly long known depression, but also the physical pains like tension, headaches and rashes can be triggered by stress and to much tension. Therefore, it is important again to distract himself from normal work and to cheer up and his mind with a harmless joke, a funny saying or a nice cartoon.

Countless reactions are triggered when a smile or laugh in the brain and body that all have a message – I’m just fine! Accordingly, Verrkrampfungen solve and the mood brightens significantly soon. A relaxation of the entire body will be held both physically and mentally, and the burdens of everyday life completely recede into the background. The level of humor plays no role at all. If you read through a simple jokes page on the Internet or whether it leads to peruse the finest effusions of the highly acclaimed Loriots – important is only that one perceives it as funny and you even manage to detach themselves from the daily routine and to be really at the respective jokes with his thoughts. It is also interesting that a few minutes can make a big impact and sweeten the complete day one. Of course you may now also not too much demand is humor. There are certainly countless diseases against which you can do nothing with humor, you think, but the almost philosophical words of cult comedian Charlie Chaplin “a day without laughter is a lost day” so laugh not just because healing but also because of the quality of life in itself an absolute Duty! Therefore, look at that even when you laugh not neglected!

Four Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles .

The external appearance of a person is very important and that there did not speak, the fact is, people want to look young! Choose any of the below listed ways for you is most acceptable and down with the wrinkles! Pluses obvious – you look younger, but otherwise, why all this is necessary. But there are drawbacks 1. surgery – in recent years are widely spread, has become familiar not only for celebrities. Interesting facts: The first attempts were made in antiquity. The first plastic surgery was performed in the vii century bc. er. in India.

According to the laws of that time, women , which accuses of adultery infidelity, cut off his nose. Indian healers have found a way to restore it: they have used skin from her forehead sufferer.

This technique is to restore the nose is still used. LESS: Although the effect of lifting is preserved for 10 years, but the aging process continues all the time. The surgery did not stop, but only removes the visible manifestations.

If the operation has developed successful, the consequences can be disastrous and a reflection in the mirror too. Click Barbara Martin Coppola to learn more. Anecdote in the topic: Dear women! If you came to do plastic surgery and noticed that the plastic surgeon’s waiting room hung with paintings by Picasso, then a good thought: it is necessary to you? 2. golden armoring According to one model, the method is relatively new, but acquired a large number of fans. In Russia the process of reinforcement of golden threads to rejuvenation has become known only after 1997. In Europe, the reinforcement of golden threads practiced a little longer and quite successfully. From other sources – scholars suggest that even in ancient Egypt used gold thread to keep skin young, so faces of some sculptures of the Pharaohs, criss-crossing gold thread. DISADVANTAGES: When reinforcing the final result depends on the professionalism of the surgeon, and possibly the lack of results. 3. botox With this simple method can also be rejuvenated, smooth wrinkles, make the face smooth, give it a fresh, healthy look. Botox injections – a fairly simple procedure. This is not an operation, everything happens without surgery. The procedure allows to eliminate even the toughest wrinkles. Botox injections are carried to the muscles that need to relax. Effect, which is achieved using Botox can last from eight to seventy weeks.

DISADVANTAGES: If the doctor makes a mistake in determining the depth of injection of botox or a choice of points for the injections, there may come a temporary paralysis of adjacent muscle groups. A overdose – respiratory paralysis. 4.DMAE good news is that science does not stand still. In the arsenal of modern technology to prolong youth – all the latest achievements of science. You can rejuvenate without the aid of a scalpel. For example, there was a plant addition, increasing muscle tone, improves the overall appearance of skin, reduces wrinkles, dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). Now the drugs based on it can surely compete with plastic surgery in a circular lifting person. dmae helps to eliminate the general laxity of the skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles in the area of an oval face, neck and neck, and inflammatory processes in any areas of skin, post-acne, scars. Improves skin tone and elasticity of facial muscles and neck. DISADVANTAGES: For two days wrinkles will not succeed. The result of the use of drugs based on dmae is a gradual smoothing wrinkles and lifting of facial contours.


Without a doubt the most powerful instrument in musical therapy, is the own voice of the man. The song and the work with the overtones are one of the recommended and effective exercises of musicoterapia more in sessions for example of musical composition. The overtones, are frequencies we would say secondary to an original sound that are added in a whole. A voice difference of another one by its overtones. For example if a singer of operates gives a note and another singer gives the same exact note, always they would sound different the voices and this is by the overtones. The practical work with the vocal overtones and frequencies gives result to very positive therapeutic sessions of musicoterapia since several important capacities of attention are developed, discernment, East etc. work with the overtones and with the song it would be included as much in the active musicoterapia in recreation, composition and musical improvisation.

Guide To The Driving Test

Driving test online test with Sofortergebnis should you play today once again the driving test, would pass it so easily? Thought about you once what you then has learned everything, do we even know today? Even after years of active driving in traffic? You really know all traffic signs? Admittedly, you will see a sign, know what you can and what not, but can you say correctly, what the sign? Some people has had its problems. Also the driving test looked twenty or thirty years ago still very different than they are today. Professor Roy Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. This test to try again is certainly an interesting thought. The result is certainly still much more interesting. On the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to make a driving test online.

Of course, this is also free of charge. Here the desired category of driving licence must be selected simply and you’re ready to go. As in the questionnaire, which you know from the lessons in the school, you have his mark set. Unlike as in the driving school you will get the result here after every answer. Amazing, how many times you can lie but in addition.

One indication that one but every now and again it should deal. Who regularly makes something, certainly has an advantage, because the man to forget especially quickly, what he doesn’t need over a period of time. As an interactive driving test is of course a great thing when you’re just about to get his driver’s license. Some find it in as something much easier, others have can let maybe unable to query it, or find it too boring only with the questionnaires to work. A welcome change is it, especially since they are always different, because the questions are never asked for the same pattern. So, the examination can be done several times.

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