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Fat Deposits Fat

How to get rid of the fat that had accumulated over the years, without harm to health. Oh, how I would like to eat in the evening a magic pill and wake up in the morning – cellulite is gone. The skin on the thighs smooth, flat stomach, folds not at the waist. All this, […]

Abilene Regional Medical Center

This week I have been contacted by two families who have Suffered from bad experiences at Abilene Regional Medical Center. They have requested to remain annonymous. When looking at all the cases, it is very clear Abilene Regional Medical Center is a VERY dangerous hospital. The CEO of the hospital refuses to meet or talk […]

Medicine Weatherby

Some media have reported that the magazine “New England Journal of Medicine has presented a scientific study done by a German hospital director Dr. Karen Weatherby, who says women see breasts for ten minutes a day increases in male life expectancy five years. Dr. Weatherby says that “this practice increases the pumping of the heart, […]