To eat To lose is simultaneously the title of a book and a method of diet created by Isabel of the Rivers with great popularity in Internet. Before happening to analyze the book in himself, we know some data on the author. In the first place Isabel of the Rivers not only is an enthusiastic one of the healthy nutrition, but also that counts on studies superiors. It has the title of Physiology of the Exercise and also it works like trainer of holistic style of nutrition life. In its daily work aid to hundreds of people for whom an appropriate diet is vital: diabetics, people with cardiovascular problems, people with obesity problems, etc.

Not only del has written this book that we tried, but writes articles in line and responds to the doubts of hundreds of people interested in the nutrition, having helped than 25,000 people to date more worldwide. When we faced a book as the one To eat To always lose we must act with caution. We always see hundreds of manuals with miraculous prescriptions to become rich, to be happy, to secure pair and, in this case, to lose weight. This was first that we analyzed. One is the typical magical book that by itself will make secure the result you that delays? Then no.

The own Isabel of the Rivers warns of it in front page and a way that has seemed us entirely wise and it jeopardize. First of all, it says, is not to stop eating simply. It will not offer a miraculous diet to us nor that makes us pass hunger. In fact, she notices that their clients normally are surprised of everything what they can eat to the day. Isabel makes clear that what we must do first is to change of life style and to maintain an attitude positive. It really enchants us as the book begins, because the positive thought, the positive attitude and to avoid negative ideas, of in case already it is all a therapy applicable to any problem of the life. But we are speaking besides Eating To lose weight. How can be lost weight eating? Like a good investigator, Isabel of the Rivers mentions its sources, besides contributing its granite of sand to the world of nutrition. But in fact it is not inventing anything. We are not before a miraculous diet. Not even one is about a diet, but a healthy style of life; of healthy nutrition. It is possible really To eat To lose weight? Throughout the pages of her book, the author is breaking myths besides exhibiting the main base for her affirmation. The diet of each person will depend on the metabolic type of each: carbohydrates, proteins or compound. It helps us to know our type metabolic and once known it exhibits healthy food tables and the amount of calories of we must take to the day, as much to stay, as to lose weight. For it offers a simple formula to us and the tables where we will choose our diet.