Abilene Regional Medical Center

This week I have been contacted by two families who have Suffered from bad experiences at Abilene Regional Medical Center. They have requested to remain annonymous. When looking at all the cases, it is very clear Abilene Regional Medical Center is a VERY dangerous hospital. The CEO of the hospital refuses to meet or talk with my family. Others have written and informed me of the same problem. ARMC’s attorney from Houston continues to lie and not follow through on what he promised on two different phone calls. I have them both recorded. I have a plan for January 2009. If any of you wish to meet and discuss this please contact me. ARMC As I have promised before, this is NOT going away. Your physicians gave patients a drug against the wishes (my mother) that search resulted in death. Why are you refusing to discuss this We do not want money.My family only wants an explanation.