Aloe Vera

The facial skin is very sensitive to the sun, and the effects of long exposure are not positive: wrinkles, spots, premature aging. So the wisest recommendation is to avoid as much as possible direct effect of sunlight on the face. Because exposure is inevitable in any case, we must protect especially with a cream containing active ingredients to prevent aging (coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Retinol, etc …) THE SUN AND CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS has been shown that burns in childhood and adolescence, when the skin is less protected by natural defenses, create skin damage that appears later in adulthood and establish a greater predisposition to the development of major skin problems. It is important to teach children to protect themselves from the sun from small, because the effects of solar radiation are cumulative and irreversible s. It is necessary to use special protection for children, is hypoallergenic and a powerful filter solar.Consejos children and adolescents, not to expose children to the sun before age 3. Use a sunscreen for kids. Additional information at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. supports this article. , Must be renewed periodically the product (per hour).

It’s good to Protect the head and body caps T-shirts if they have white skin and sensitive. & Nb sp; Drink plenty of water. & Nbsp; raise awareness among teenagers and older children and remain vigilant until age 18. AFTER THE SUN. THE ALOE VERA One of the most spectacular and effective applications of aloe vera on burns of the skin. Anyone who has witnessed or experienced in himself the healing effect of aloe vera gel on a burn will probably be forever consuming this plant.

Applying aloe vera gel on your skin burned, you may not be reached if the burn blister is severe. Cellular regeneration skin in these cases is so spectacular that in a few hours the effects of the burn away completely and punishment is a mere redness. If you have read about Dean Ornish M.D already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So the most suitable composition of a post-solar cream must surely be very rich in aloe vera gel. If also contains menthol produces a cooling effect very pleasant and helpful. Aloe Vera regenerates damaged skin, red or sunburned. Prevent blisters, peeling of the epidermis, or the sunspot time irreversible. SOLAR MYTHS on protection is false that: & n bsp; solar lamps do not produce negative effects. The reality is that UV lamps ISSUED BY THE SUN HAVE ALL THE EFFECTS HARMFUL RAYS OF THE SUN: premature aging, SPOTS ON SKIN, POWER THE RISK OF DEVELOPING CANCER CUTNEO. & Nb sp; Apply several layers of sunscreen more effective. The truth is that sunscreens EFFECTIVENESS MUST BE on the packaging, REGARDLESS OF THE LAYERS THAT APPLY. & Nb sp; 15 is sufficient protection to protect against adverse effects.