Alternative Energies

Aeolian energy is the obtained energy of the wind, that is to say, the generated kinetic energy as a result of the airflows, and that are transformed into other useful forms for the human activities. At present, the Aeolian energy is used mainly to produce electrical energy by means of aerogenerators. The Aeolian energy is an abundant, renewable, clean resource and aid to diminish the gas discharges of greenhouse effect thermoelectrial when replacing with fossil fuels, turns which it into a type of green energy. USC shines more light on the discussion. Nevertheless, the main disadvantage is its intermitencia, since it needs strong and constant winds, another problem is its great cost for its manufacture and its size, all this prevents to use it in any place. (A valuable related resource: John Studzinski). The Aeolian energy obtains the electricity of the movement of the air on the Earth surface.

The Aeolian stations of energy normally are composed by great farms of wind mills in zones with relatively strong and constant winds. These farms normally are considered little attractive. In addition, the wind mills interrupt winds of low intensity, and can be very noisy. Both facts create problems for the populations of local birds, especially the death of many of them. The mills also need a constant maintenance, since they are formed of many exhibited movable parts to the elements. Besides an auxiliary motor to rotate the trowels when there is not much wind.

Now they are settling considerable farms of wind to several kilometers out to sea. All this recently accessible to the consumers acquiring this technology, by all these mentioned characteristics. In costuraste they are the technologies that produce thermal energy and electrical of the pick up of the energy emitted by the sun, between most efficient we found the concentrators solar, since these concentrate all the energy in a focal point, multiplying the energy that emits the sun, this type of technology it is much more accessible by its cost, in addition by the space that it requires, it is possible to be installed anywhere. In order to be able to benefit even more from the solar energy, he would be advisable to be able to acquire an equipment able to produce thermal energy as as much photovoltaic simultaneously, at present exists few companies you would castrate to produce this technology, an innovating equipment able to produce a great amount of energy is one call solarbeam, this system produces these two types of energy in great amount, its parabolic design allows to catch the solar energy and to redirigir it to a focal point, where it is a heat exchanger, where it transfers the thermal energy to a liquid I pierce carrier besides would find in that same focal point photovoltaic cells that produce the electrical energy, this focal point able to produce these two energies has a measurement of about 25 squared centimeters, another one of his characteristics is that it owns a system of solar pursuit Popes to reap solar rays throughout the day and to receive them perpendicularly, the system of solar pursuit is made up by a GPS and a unique celestial algorithm, besides several security systems, with this innovating system can be taken advantage of in great way all the solar energy, being this clean, renewable resource and free, giving the possibility us of saving the money and most important to contribute to reduce the polluting gas discharges considerably.