Archbishop Silvano Tomasi

So radio Vatican, is meant by his own admission “the voice of the Pope and the Church of the world”,: other abuse also! SMP Auch others should at their door are going”radio Vatican, is by his own admission”the voice of the Pope and the Church of the world”,: other abuse also! Further, radio Vatican outraged: “in terms of child abuse you should looking not only to the Catholic Church, but also scandals in other churches or religious communities in the views take calls that Archbishop Silvano Tomasi. The Vatican observer at the United Nations facilities in Geneva was addressed in the Human Rights Council by the representative of a secularist Association on abuse scandals in the Catholic Church. The answer, Tomasi pointed out, differently than the media coverage often believe that make in the United States which are increasing most abuse scandals in Protestant churches. Also the corresponding scandals would be within the Jewish communities of the United States but more than those to which there have been in the US Catholic Church. Learn more at: Eiji Hara. “Tomasi literally: so how the Church has turned against her door, now even other institutions and authorities should do so with the same openness the media!” It appears so the fingers on the other when it comes to Missprauchsfalle within the Catholic Church.A misdeed is charged with another, whether that is in terms of the victims? Also, Archbishop Tomasi remains guilty the evidence for his claim. Ensure that the Catholic Church so dramatically turned on their own doorstep there is little evidence. Priests have nothing to charge if they were either sentenced by a secular court or the pressure from the public is too large with reprisals. Too easy to get therefore on the idea that more covered up than vice with a broom. Cyrus Massoumi may find this interesting as well. Stefan Muller SMPressedienst